Am I right to assume that this will work wonders with new released [Film Critic]? It basically removes all drawbacks (you don't need to neither pay extra nor trash source since you are using Film Critic not stealing an Agenda). If so it may be the one more way to stop fast advance. Furthermore both cards are Connections, can be tutored with [Hostage]. Did anyone try this?

Definitely a great 1-off in a Criminal connection deck. Also a decent target for Dr. Lovegood. —
This is on my list of things to try. Note also the synergy with NACH. Maybe in Andromeda connections? —
It would also combo well with Fall Guy (also a connection) and Calling In Favors. Andromeda seems like a pretty a good choice. —
Yes, I can confirm this is ridiculous. Ran up against this in an Iain connections deck, that also played New Angeles City Hall. Never take a tag, everything always harder to score! —
Yeah. I am testing this in my Gabe deck, and it is very promising. —
Same here. testing in a Ressource heavy Hayley —
It also seems fun with Dr. Lovegood! —