Seems good against Architect, which is growing in popularity. Could give a lot of information against Daily Business Show. Like if you see that they've dumped a SEA Source, then it's likely that they have one in hand.

Did played a game where I managed to win with a Medium dig on a R&D protected by Architect and finishing this of with Showing Off. This is seriously a good card with more subtle purposes than it seems at first. Like you mentions, it can be very strong against Daily Business Show where the corps want to keep cards protected for later and this synergize well with its faction where you have the possibility to trash any type of cards. —

Thinking about building Jinteki PE with this, Philotic Entanglement, and 1-pointers. Probably one copy of The Board with some Boot Camps to tutor it up. That leaves enough influence for some good end the run ice, but not a lot of it. Maybe a package of situational one-ofs to be able to search up with Boot Camp. Pretty much the only things I'd want to ice up are The Board, Philotic, and HQ (because of Account Siphon and Vamp). Wouldn't rez The Board until I absolutely had to, of course. Seems like a fun idea.

Good review??? —