Seven easy steps to profit, and your place in political suprema ~ ahem making the world a better place!

Step 1. Establish a political agenda.

Step 2. Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth

Step 3. Global Food Initiative

Step 4. "Clones are not People"

Step 5. Clone Retirement

Step 6. ???

Step 7. Improved Protein Source

I even made it into a deck. In all fairness, it's not even that bad!

And you can already taste the flavour!

~~ it tastes like chicken.

Step 1: Establish political agenda. —
This is fair. I will make the corrections. —

This is excellent with non-permanent Icebreakers like Overmind, but don't think this works excellently with Femme Fatale or redesigning Atman. Those breakers need to be reinstalled, and without any tricks that will cost another fortune. Rather dig those massively expensive breakers from the heap with Scavenge or Retrieval Run, or find other kinds of tricks for installing them.

This said, Uninstall might work wonderfully with Noise: Hacker Extraordinaires Virus spams and reuse of D4v1d and the like if Scavenge is too much influence for you, in case you aren't playing Shaper.