It's an advanceable upgrade. So what does that mean? Maybe you can install it in a server, advance it, and leave it there with the runner thinking it was a failed trap? So now you can install a 2/3 agenda (making it look like an upgrade) and score it. Congratulations! You just confused the runner a bit. And instead of having a 3/5 or an over advanced 2/3 you have this card primed and ready to go...

So what about the ability? Ok, it lets you recur cards in Archives. That's useful! But hold on, you need an advancement token for each card you want to recur? And you can only do it during a run on Archives (when they can still run HQ with their remaining clicks)? AND you can only recur FACEDOWN cards? That crap you discarded because you couldn't find what you really need right now? Maybe you can pull some agendas that were DLR'd, or Noise'd, or Maw'd back to safety, but boy do the stars have to align for this card to do even half of what Jackson Howard does.

Would make for a (terribly) decent Power Shutdown sort of deck... Lol! —
Perhaps the best trick this card has: You put it on Archives and advance it, then you play Power Shutdown, but don't mill any agendas. When they run Archives, rez this and get back econ operations you milled. Now they'll run HQ thinking there are agendas in there, but there AREN'T! HAHAHA! —
This card is a pile of garbage with a smiley patched onto it - and I'm not talking about the picture ;) —
Named "DEFENSE CONSTRUCT". Trash cost of 0. Way to go, FFG. The smiley is clearly to troll us. —
Susanoo-no-Mikoto. —
Putting down Edge of World or Psychic Field as fake upgrades and then putting this down and advancing it once in Jinteki is kind of fun but not successful very often and costs a lot of influence. —

One of the best things about this card is that it counters a first turn Temujin Contracts if you have at least one ice in your hand. The runner must pick a server to run when installing Temujin. Whichever central they pick, stop them before the run, rez your Assembly Lines, and ice the central they picked.


When you splash this it's likely against a bitter series of losses to someone in your local meta. I've found that it actually gives my Weyland space ice deck a fighting chance against Leela and Quetzal.


With a crippling 10 influence limit, you have to be willing to let the Corporation score some agendas to take full advantage of this identity. If you want to play aggressively and run early and often, switch your identity to Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie and you'll be able to build a better deck with more out-of-faction cards.

That said, Iain is best played in control decks that spend the first several turns installing resources and establishing a drip economy. Your opponent will be left with a difficult decision, try to score out quickly and accelerate your economy with a 2 credit drip, or postpone scoring as long as possible and build their own fortress. Your goal should be to build a deck that can capitalize on either decision. Cards like Logos and Fan Site (with Data Dealer) trigger when the corp scores and give you the tools or cash you need to crack their servers or improve your board state. Should the corp choose the fast advance route, Iain can prolong the game without scoring using The Source or Account Siphon to take full advantage of the per-turn drip.

Eventually you will need to score agendas and win the game, but a good Iain deck should be able to let the corp score 4-5 points while having the end game economy to completely shut down the corp's efforts to do anything other than wait patiently for you to score 7 points.

Score agenda's to win the game? Score agenda's to sell to Data Dealer! The corp can't win without their Agenda's, so you win by default. (a really jank-tactic though) —
One saving grace is that he has access to Special Order and Hostage, so he can tutor 1-ofs to save influence. —
Hostage is great for Stirling and Helpful AI may be a good addition for a connection that adds link to activate those Underworld Contacts. Hostage is also good for bringing out Kati and Mr Li, saving you deck space as you only need one copy of those cards. —
Film Critic may open a new kind of playstyle for Iain; leveraging criminals' early aggression tools to host agenda(s) on Film Critic(s) to avoid turning off your own ID ability. Score off Film Critic only when you have 7. —
Each Film Critic hosts one agenda at a time. So its hard to hold onto many agendas. Still a good tactic for Iain! —

My favorite new card that makes playing on OCTGN a pain. Drug Dealer is at home in a connections deck where he can be tutored with Hostage at the beginning of the game and trashed before the end with an Aesop's Pawnshop. With The Supplier and Underworld Contacts installed you can use all kinds of start of turn shenanigans to lose as few credits as possible. With 1 credit in the bank, you can take 1 from a single Underworld, install Logos from The Supplier, trigger your Drug Dealers at no loss, and trigger your remaining drip economy. Call In Favors lets you bounce from near 0 to 10 or more to install an Overmind and close a scoring window. With Off-Campus Apartments on top of Drug Dealer, you gain monstrous card draw. You can burn through your deck by moving the connections you drew with Drug Dealer onto The Supplier and then into the Off-campus Apartment.

When D&D gets released, maybe this will see synergy with Dr. Lovegood. —