This seems very abusable. Imagine running Baba Yaga in Smoke. Host Yog and Switchblade.

Now all code gates with strength 7 or below, no matter how many subs, is free to break with a single stealth credit. Make it strength 14 if you want two stealth

No wonder most of the ice is now coming out with AI hate.

It sounds good until you compare it with the alternatives.... Yogasaurus costs two cards, 10 creds and 2 clicks to install. It doesn't cost any stealth credits and yet almost no one plays it. Baba Yaga has some advantages (little engine and DNA tracker?) but costs more per use, requires a stealth rig, costs more setup, and hogs a massive three mem vs zero.... Or you could compare it with a modern stealth rig. Stealth currently costs zero influence, sets up moderately quickly and mostly has problems associated with cash flow (creds to trash cards or avoid traces) rather than problems finding enough stealth creds. This does nothing to fix those problems. Long story short it seems like an ok program but hardly about to set the world alight? —
All true. Posted in too much haste. —
Unofficial Rules Wiki: —
Unofficial Rules Wiki: "Hosting a program on Baba Yaga not directly from your grip causes the program to be treated as a fresh install on Baba Yaga. For example, when the following occurs: Have both Baba Yaga and Self Modifying Code installed; Fetch an icebreaker with Self Modifying Code, installing it; Use the "host installed icebreaker..." function on Baba Yaga to host the newly installed icebreaker The icebreaker is moved to being hosted by Baba Yaga, but is treated as a fresh install, while not forgetting about the previous install (that is, it charges you again for the install cost, and subtracts the associated MU, without freeing up the MU from the first install)." —
Do programs hosted on baby yaga take up mu?? —
Do programs hosted on baby yaga take up mu?? —
<p>@prometheus85, yes it does.</p> —