Leading with the lore, it's possible that this card is in reference to SM-65 Atlas, which was the American response to the Soviet R-7 Semyorka. It was a long range ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) that attempted to match Russia's intercontinental capabilities; in effect it put the entire Earth at risk of nuclear apocalypse. Given Weyland's American theming (see: Wendigo, Ireress, Student Loans, space ice, etc.) it's quite possible Atlas is in reference to this.

In terms of game mechanics, Atlas might be Weyland's most powerful agenda at the time of this post. It's the faction's only 3/2, similar to AstroScript Pilot Program and Project Vitruvius, and has an extremely potent ability to boot. Putting three Snare! into a deck and having one Atlas token scored grants the corporation unfathomed reach in penalizing the runner for their mistake. This interaction was encapsulated in the tournament-style Supermodernism, which has seen revitalization due to Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future ability to score an Atlas with a free counter.

It's also quite possible to use Atlas as an empty threat, a "vegan" Weyland, without meat damage. When the corp is in a strong position (I like Akitaro Watanabe and Chimera personally) it's possible to chain together Project Atlas by summoning a new agenda with each token. With enough funds (what is Weyland without lodsemoney? youtu.be) the corporation can surge to 6 points in the blink of an eye; one Hostile Takeover is all it takes to win the game after that point.

I think Oaktown Renovation could give it a run for it's money (double pun intended). I also think SanSan City Grid deserves special mention here, since with Titan Transnational, it allows you to effectively win the game in 3 turns by scoring Atlas's from hand and chain-tutoring them (often referred to as "The Atlas Train". —
Project atlas refers to plans for a new dropship, which brings to mind Atlas from Greek myth who held the Earth on his shoulders. I think Oaktown and Atlas are both tied for best Weyland Agenda. Atlas allows you to maintain a Sea Scorch Scorch threat once you have a counter on it, and that should be respected by the runner. —
Ah, was the dropship mentioned in the expansion liner notes, or was it from the other properties (board game, books, etc.)? —
It was a Lukas Tweet https://twitter.com/rukasufox/status/598947674205753344 —
Project Atlas is most likely a direct reference to the mythological figure, Atlas, who held the heavens on his shoulders - see beanstalk - and/or to the Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged which features Jack Weyland's literary antecedent Henry Rearden. —

On one hand, I'm getting increasingly annoyed at 6+ link Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist. It's extremely easy to get up there with Rabbit Hole and Security Nexus. She and her globalsec goons have put NBN in a bad place in late 2015, especially NBN: Making News and SYNC: Everything, Everywhere who rely on traces and tags. Surveillance Sweep is a nice supportive current that forces the runner to bid first, but against Sunny that matters naught when her traces start big. Net Police, hypothetically, could be a good ancient card to put these young (well, middle-aged) whippersnappers in their place.

On the other hand, it's 1 to trash. And so, it remains trashed in real life too.

do you see this working as a surprise boost to a trace? say, to make flare fire? —

Now that London Library exists, Scavenge and Exile: Streethawk may get some extra juice. With one Torch in the bin (perhaps via Inject? Or you can just let a Torch expire on your library, if you're ballsy) and one in your hand, you can host the Torch onto London Library click #1, Scavenge it with click #2, and enjoy your free program on click #3+ without ever worrying about paying that silly 9 credits. Femme Fatale is also a good candidate for this strategy, though you would lose out on ping-ponging her targeting on the Library if you decide to install her legitimately. With some Same Old Things one could pivot the Femme (with one in the bin and one in play) with Scavenge if you're desperate.

Happy dumpster diving!

You don't need two torches! With scavenge, the trashing is a cost, so the trashed card his the heap before the ability resolves. This means that you can London library a single torch, then scavenge it off the library and straight into play. —
@ouruborosglyx is right —
But you are correct, London Library makes scavenge WAY better. It used to only combo with Test Run, basically. Now, I'm imagining a LL deck that gets out Morningstar, Garrote, and Torch by turn 3 or 4. —
Its worth noting that you can do the same thing with a single test run, but I guess 3 test run and 3 libraries adds consistency? Maybe a exile deck with massive breakers (garrotte, massive barrier breaer out of anarch, torch. (Leaves computer and starts grabbing cards to put together new deck) —
Sorry, was typing my post while you posted yours. Guess great minds think alike :) —

This card might seriously make me dust off Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together and toss in a few Heinlein Grid. Forcing the runner into a catch-22 of clicks is a great feeling. Do they run on their first click and give me a free Eli 1.0 and possibly trigger Heinlein to get past (losing them money), or do they run on their last click and pay the price of running into Ichi 1.0 without any "safety" clicks?


Industrial Genomics is quickly growing on me as an ID, mostly thanks to Order & Chaos. Cards like Space Camp and Cyberdex Virus Suite are excellent to toss into the Archives. If you use the former in an IG deck, you might consider having advanceable ICE in your deck (to ensure that any time the runner does decide to poke his/her ugly head into Archives, you've got some way to benefit). Since Jinteki does not natively have many advanceable ICE at all, I typically include a cheap import from Weyland like Ice Wall.

The identity enables plenty of in-faction assets, ranging from Sundew to Shock! to Shi.Kyū to Ronin. One might consider splashing particularly penalizing assets like City Surveillance or Dedicated Response Team, but that's quite a lot of influence. Jackson Howard is always useful in this ID to overflow your hand and force-discard things like Space Camp and Shock! and Shi.Kyū into Archives.

The Runner has a couple hate cards accessible now, such as Archives Interface, which is rarely run in my meta at the time of this post. Hades Shard is far more common and might actually flatline a player running on IG's archives. Whizzard: Master Gamer and Scrubber are also a tad hateful toward IG due to innate recurring trash credits; they both will ruin an IG deck with high value assets (as described in the previous paragraph).

I'm not a tournament-competitive player, so my review may not be very useful for competitive players. This ID sure is fun to play though!

Good review. Id just like to point out that Imp is a major hate card the runners have for a IG player to look out for. —
Also Eater hurts this ID a lot. They will flip Archives but never access your traps. —
Wanted to add: News Team is absolutely wonderful and triggers from the archives now. The problem I've had is that IG decks don't really have space (or influence) for tag punishment, but I think it's worth including one News Team in an IG deck to surprise the runner and make them waste 2 clicks and 4 credits scrubbing the fallout. Killing Kati Jones or London Library (common in my meta) is nice too. —
I'm not sure that Eater actually flips cards in Archives up: "The Runner turns all cards faceup when accessing them" - without access, they are not turned faceup, at least as I read the rules. —
http://ancur.wikia.com/wiki/Accessing_Archives_with_Eater_Ruling —