I just started messing around with a Sunny deck, and while I have yet to actually fire a Security Chip, I'm excited for it. Since GS Striker M1 is so bad, I'm using Yog.0 + Datasucker as a decoder and one of these will help me recover from a purge that would otherwise lock me out of centrals or get past a Lotus Field if Security Nexus won't work for some reason.

I keep sticking Will-o'-the-wisp into all sorts of decks, with varying amounts of success. It worked really well when Eater/Keyhole decks were everywhere because I could stick it on R&D and wait to fire it until I could actually afford it --- when the runner isn't using Eater, you have to use it the first time they make a successful run on that server because the low trash cost means they get rid of it immediately. Given that it costs 4 to rez, I've had to let runners trash them because I couldn't afford 4 credits after I had rezzed ICE on the server.

Which brings me to the latest combo-wombo jank I've been tweaking: Breaker Bay Grid with Will-o'-the-Wisp. Living the dream is a server with The Root, rezzed with Breaker Bay Grid and protected by Will-o'-the-Wisp to rez everything else on the board for cheap.