If you're running with cutlery cards, Knifed is the best option to include. Here's why:

Costs 1 less credit than the other silverware.

Wrecks Eli 1.0 for 5 credits (if you're not facing Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together).

Works superbly with D4v1d - basically 1 (well, 4 , if we include the program itself) credit to eat these up: Orion, Wall of Thorns, Curtain Wall, Wraparound, Asteroid Belt, TMI

On average I face Barriers more often than the other 2 subtypes. (Barriers extremely popular in Weyland,HB)

Dude, wrecks Eli 1.0 for 1 credit and 3 clicks! Like a boss. But yeah you're right this one a butter... —