In Sunny with Rabbit Hole and Security Nexus, this is BONKERS. It's basically like a Stimhack in terms of getting you into places in a pinch that you otherwise couldn't touch, but without the brain damage. I haven't gotten the deck working terribly well yet, but this has been an MVP.

And heaven help the corp facing down this AND a Stimhack at the same time... —

With the first >2 MU programs coming out (Hyperdriver and Endless Hunger), this looks even better for builds that want to utilize them, especially alongside other chunky programs like Magnum Opus and SMC. Just be wary of program trashing, since a nested rig is much more vulnerable.

This is the first runner current with real teeth, as I see it. It obviously combines well with Valencia and her Investigative Journalism, along with the previous means we had for forcing bad publicity. Throw Raymond Flint in there since you'll be loading them with BP anyway and you are able to put a ton of pressure on HQ without even needing to run it. There's a deck I'm dying to make that involves all of the above, Eater, Keyole, and Wanton Destruction, pressuring all three centrals for a reasonable cost.

In terms of art and flavor it takes me right back to walking through lower Manhattan in the first few days of Occupy Wall Street, wondering what all those crust punks and folks in Guy Fawkes masks were up to.

I agree that shrinking the corps hand can be extremely powerful I'm not sure that you can discount the power of Hacktivist Meeting. What this can do is force the corp to try and rush an agenda... which you can then take with Blackmail. —