For those, who don't already know : take a look here and here.

I love it!

So i must have at least twohundret characters, thats a shame, really a shame.... More characters. Even more characters.

I think i got it.


Added to Core set as a single - not for being good but rather than being worse on its release.
Took a long time until H+P to make sense.


  • Gain 9 creds for a click
  • Get rid of an agenda you don't want
  • splashable for only two influence


  • mostly you don't want to get rid of an agenda.....
  • who wants to splash this?



Almost unusable at the beginning, this card is getting better now. The problem is, that its VERY situational, because you have to hit a deck including the combo cards and/or choosing Iain as ID.
There are far better ways to boos your Credits.
For instance a Bank Job with Desperado gains only 1 cred less (installed over The Supplier breaks it even) but is more versatile.

News Team has a lot more teeth than Shi-Kyu. No corp payment on access, 2 tags are still quite expensive to scrub, so the runner is very likely to take the -1 agenda point. It's also 2 influence, which is reasonable enough to splash. I think Data Dealer and Frame Job might become a lot more important. —

Sorry moschtsealle, but ODie is right:

FAQ V1.6:
53 Overmind
• Overmind is installed, and its MU counts against your memory limit, when it gains power counters.

So if you have 3 MU before installing, you only get 2 Power Counters on Overmind.


Remarkable is, thats its a Decoder AND a fracter, so you can break two types of ICE.
I think this Breaker works well with Ekomind powered by Origami, Theophilius Bagbiter or other ways to expand your handsize.

With enough cards in hand Sage will break big barriers -which are popular atm thanks to Blue Sun: Powering the Future- like outermost Curtain Wall for 6 (with E3 Feedback Implantats for 4).

Alternatively you can boost up your MU by in-faction and/or neutral Mem-Chips or you host it on a Dinosaurus, which gives you effectivly +4 Str (2 from Dino and 2 from not using the MU).

Till now there are only a few big Code Gates in Meta (Str 5 Tollbooth and Viktor 2.0, or has anybody seen Cell Portal lately?), but in future as we know from actual spoilers there will be some more which likely will be found:

OC 17 Checkpoint CodeGate Str 7
OC 18 Orion CodeGate-Barrier-Sentry Str 8
OC 20 Wormhole CodeGate Str. 7
SanSan 57 Little Engine CodeGate Str 7

Also things like Patch (OC 21) or the existing Encrypted Portals + Superior Cyberwalls can boost target ICE too.

This Breaker has potential, but the problem is, that it needs other cards to work well. On its own, with no other programs installed and standard mem, its only Str 2. Installing the missing Killer costs you at least another 1 Str unless you use Cloud-Based ones, which need a further setup for their own, or host the killer on Omni-Drive.

A good combination (when its installed) could be Chaos Theory: Wünderkind, Dinosaurus, 2 Dyson Mem Chip and Creeper combined with e3 Feedback Implants giving you a 7 Str Decoder/Fracter and a killer mostly in-faction.

Your last combo was the first one I tried with this card! —