This card is one of Anarch's trio of static-strengh cost efficient breaker from the core set. Morning star is the most expensive of the trio with 8 and . It's also hardly unsplashable with 4 influence.

There is currently 19 ICEs that can be broken with this card:

and 7 barrier ICE which it could not break without help from other cards:

Considering most barrier are ETR, Morning Star helps a lot in gaining access to any server. The downsides other than its install and splash cost is the low number of barrier with more than one subroutines. Barriers with more than 1 subroutines that can be broken with it are: Ashigaru, Eli 1.0, Hive, Markus 1.0, Wall of Thorns, advanced Tyrant and Galahad.

Other than Eli 1.0 and Galahad, these ICEs are rarely used which is why the cheap and splashable Corroder is still the most popular breaker around.

Its not from the core set though. That is corroder. —
After the second run on Eli 1.0, Morning Star costs the same as Corroder (without Data Sucker).<br /> Install Corroder + Run on Eli 1.0 = 6 Credits Install Morning Star + Run on Eli 1.0 = 9 Credits Second Run with Corroder 6 (first run) + 4 = 10 Credits Second Run with Morning Star 9 (first run) + 1 = 10 Credits Third Run with Corroder 10 (first &amp; second run) + 4 = 14 Credits Third Run with Morning Star 10 (first &amp; second run) + 1 = 11 Credits —
That may be, but Curtain Wall makes Morning Star cry. —
Nah, it's just making it go elsewhere, where you can't afford to defend after 14c rez :] —
@quiciuq Blue Sun kind of fucks Morning Star over. —