Come on man. Are you really looking for a review of this card here? Why are you even looking at this card?

It's bad.

There is no conceivable reason to put this in a deck. Eureka? Sure, but motivation is better, and you're losing as much as you sunk into it out of the already marginal value of Eureka. Windfall? No, don't be fooled, you shuffle before resolving Windfall, unless there is a paid ability window between the shuffle and the resolution. Which, there isn't.

If I won't play this card, no one should.

But but but...I can use it to find and put Goverment Takeover on the bottom R&D. Oh wait, Keyhole exists. —
If you happend to have Gvernment Takeover in your Runner-Deck, you're doing something very, very, veeeeeery wrong. —
Or you have a Resource in your Corp-Deck. That would be kinda resourceful, but wrong nonetheless ;) — —
ugh, hit submit by accident. Unfortunately, the "X" cost appears to reflect the number of credits you actually paid, you don't get a +10 bonus. This thread on BGG has a reasonable explanation. The relevant paragraph in the latest FAQ is "Rez Cost and Play Cost": Rez Cost & Play Cost Rez and play costs are formulas that take into account any effects that modify them. They are not just the printed number on the card. —
Just met a Will'o-the-Wisp that sent your Corroder to the bottom of your stack ? Install an Angel Arena with (number of cards left in your stack) - 1 counters. Problem solved ! —
@just_doug He's saying that you could use Angel Arena to set up your next Eureka play, not install AA with Eureka. Or, at least, you could do that if you were terrible at Netrunner. —
It's like a neutral, neutered version of Mr. Li. You flip through cards looking for the one you want. It's not a bad card effect for $1 per card, but there are better ways to search your stack or simply draw cards. This card is the victim of better options. If it was in the Core box, it would see play until new packs make it obsolete. —
It's the super combo card that makes my Big Girls Windfall Their Monoliths even jankier. I love this card now! —
Window, maybe? Lets you put certain cards in stasis on the bottom of your stack until you need, probably not worth it. —

I like it in decks that feature things like duggar's, wyldside, aesops, essential consoles (deep red for instance), and heap recursion heavy decks, so mostly all anarchs. I can't see much splash except maybe Exile.

It's a little awkward though, adding cards to remove cards to improve consistency, but I think with the big corp slow down, this will work. It is super tough to hate board improving cards for 0 credits. 3.5/5

One of the main issues with Anarchs is there complete lack of Consitency, This stemmed from (Until Recently) a complete lack of Native draw cards and search cards. Unfortuantly this is not the only issue with the faction, Anarchs while claiming to be all counteractive and aggressive actually play using alot of very intricate "Unique" rigs the resulting play style required that anarchs play with many powerful cards that interacted with eachother well but could only be benefitted from with one copy, or we literall unique. —
Ha just Ctrl+V'd my Review into the comment bar, so sorry. In all Honesty I think she will be good in decks with lots of "Unique" cards, or Valencia. However if anarch ever get a resource searcher this card will really lift off. —

One thing people are missing is that this works with stuff like enigma and hourglass. Minor added value to an already pretty good card. Noise wyldside (which I never cut) loves it. I've added 2 to my Noise and its amazing. The cost is a touch high, but it leaves room for expansion. 2 splash is interesting, but probably necessary. I'm testing it in all kinds of decks. 4/5.


I want to love the whole suite, especially in Exile. The new crim could be quite good if this works well enough. I'm optimistic about its applications, especially with the 3 cheap to install centrals only breakers. I also love cloud, hopefully the real cloud fracter shows up this cycle, running all cloud allows for more utility like SDB, Pheromones, copycat, etc. Personal rating 4/5, but application rating 2/5 :/

Btw, I'm trying to get people to call these the B&E or BnE breakers (Breaking and Entering) so far it's catching on, so spread the word!

I've mostly seen them referred to as the "home invasion suite." —

Tenma, doppelganger, Gene Conditioning Shoppe, sucker, dirty laundry, sec testing, desperado, 3 steps ahead, grifter, run synergy is real. Crims just need a good AI to help proc all this shit, since its easy to play around. Information on saving legworks, SDB, and HQI installs is very good, plus knowing when an agenda is due for the remote, plus knowing how much of the scorch combo is likely there, this card is vastly underrated right now. 1 credit is insane value, and if you GCS it, 2 peeks per turn is just insane. I love this in crimnal, 5/5.