This card is just ridiculous.

I'd hoped it would be so when I first saw it, and immediately set to work building a Hayley Comet deck... Only to realize she sortof doesn't want it. Hayley wants lots of things to install, Comet wants lots of Events, so they're at odds.

So instead, I made a Ken deck, because I noticed Comet is only two influence, and the most busted Events are in Criminal. Account Siphon into an Inside Job is a personal favorite, but Networking and Lawyer Up are good to use after a Siphon.

Additionally, this card makes Quality Time absolutely bonkers. QT into ANYTHING is gross. Most commonly I would QT into a Sure Gamble. Playing with Comet made Ken very happy. Dirty Laundry? Twice? Oh god. I'll just gain 9 credits for a click because I'm Testing your empty Archives.

And yeah, this deck makes Double events really attractive, especially with Adjusted Chronotype and Starlight Crusade Funding. I think PrePaid Kate would benefit from this strategy the most, as she already runs the Lucky Find and I think most of the useful Doubles are in Shaper anyway... Running Interference is the best Crim I can think of. (Besides Lawyer Up after an Account Siphon, which costs a lot of influence.)