This ICE is a nice alternative to Eli 1.0. Whilst Eli is a pain to get through (costing either 4 credits on corroder or two clicks), there are no consequences to messing up, beyond ending the run. You simply bounce.

Markus, by contrast, carries a powerful ability mitigated by the bioroid ability and the fact that the runner can choose. It is more of a taxing ICE than a stopping ICE, as the runner really won't want the ability to fire. Better comparisons would be Ichi 1.0 and Viktor 1.0: if the abilities fire, fantastic, but they are mostly there to force the runner to spend clicks and credits to avoid damaging effects.

Perhaps it should cost 3, but it does have some subtle advantages: it is the only barrier with a destroy effect (except Galahad with Lancelot), and it is also a card capable of destroying without actually being a destroyer (Only Taurus and Flare can claim the same). This allows it to get around sharpshooter. Finally, it can potentially destroy any card.

I would certainly consider running these in RP instead of Eli.


At first I thought her ability was lacklustre, but I was so very wrong.

This ability will warp the way your opponents play their ice, as almost all early barriers are now useless. The only barriers with a rez cost of 5 or less that she doesn't simply walk through are Hive and Eli. (Situationally, she may also be caught by NEXT Silver and Galahad.) But for the main, your opponent loses the use of 1/3 of their ice in the early game. This allows you to get rolling that much quicker.

An additional point in her favour is her synergy with the AI breakers; traditionally Wraparound is the favoured way to stop them, so any AI deck will run an inti or corroder to avoid the pump. Quetzal has no need.

And of course, there is the obvious synergy with things like e3 feedback implants and grappling hook, which can reduce even barriers like Wotan and Hadrian's Wall to minor speedbumps.

All in all, I think she will provide an intersting new aspect to Anarch.

A most recent addition to Quetzal is Knifed from Order and Chaos. Watch those Elis burn... Then again, it could be argued that there is no need for Knifed for barriers are a trifle for her anyways. Getting through multiple barriers per turn is problematic though, and getting rid of some will most likely be worth it. —

So, we finally get a hardware tutor, and it's comparatively underwhelming. Frankly, it's just a little too slow and clunky.

Test Run and SMC all effectively cost one click to tutor and install a program. Hostage costs two clicks, but you can choose to install the card. Planned Assault is two clicks, but you play the card ignoring additional costs, making it perfect for doubles...

Trade-In, however, requires three clicks, one of which must be the installation of a piece of hardware that you don't mind losing. So it effectively costs you three cards (Hardware, Trade-In, and the Hardware you want) and three clicks to get your desired piece of hardware into play.

The only time I can see this being played is with Rabbit Hole (Which can automatically give you 'spare' hardware) or Replicator (Which will both give you additional hardwares and benefit from tutoring out a piece to start the chain, as it were)