Georgia is better than her card text looks.

I could write this giant explanation about she is excellently costed, flexible, annoying, and has potential to just blow out games, but I think she is best presented with an brief open anecdote where you, the reader, can fill in the gaps.

I had a standard Palana deck. I swapped Georgia into my deck taking up random prior Snare!. Just one copy of her. I ran three very common cards - Komainu, Nisei MK II, and Caprice Nisei.

When I drew Georgia, she lived with Caprice and created a power couple the runner loved to hate. However, as Palana often does, I scored a couple Nisei MK II for 4 Agenda Points and the runner started dropping R&D threats and flying through my Komainu over it.

Georgia Emelyov promptly moved over, threw a Nisei token in their tea, and wrote a big "L" in the player scorecard. As many times as I scored out, Georgia flatlined the runner with this sillyness. I also played a Nisei Division: The Next Generation deck with Chetana. I used Marcus Batty to fire the psychic field subroutine, and Georgia ran over with her Nisei token and once again 'slam dunked' the Runner again.

Fuck Snare. If you run Nisei MK II, Caprice Nisei, and/or Komainu/Chetana, run 1x Georgia. You won't regret it.

She's also almost untrashable. —
Also a fun interaction: Replicating Perfection sitting on a mountain of credits such that you can shuffle Georgia between Central servers and your Caprice Nisei remote. Makes the decision of how to tackle the central server run much thornier. —
Umbral, I LOVE that idea. —

Three months after its release, Spiderweb has found a home in nearly every Weyland deck and will keep its slot in the foreseeable future. It has contributed to the age-old discussion of Subs > STR, knocking a taxing blow to popular barrier breaker Cerberus "Lady" H1 as well as the powerful Faust, giving the faction their slight edge in the Barrier market yet again. Pricing identically to Bastion for Corroder, Spiderweb has an additional benefit of not clogging up the 4 STR range of ICE, to which Weyland has few interesting options (Changeling, Wendigo).

Weyland can now front a very versatile Barrier suite with Spiderweb at the core, flexing towards the cheaper rushy Ice Wall or Meru Mati, to the overall taxing Fire Wall or annoying Changeling, all while keeping Atman resilience and decent Faust tax.

On the horizon of this review's writing, Spiderweb will also play a pivotal role is defending against Adam and his Always Be Running, taxing 4c to GS Sherman M3, and costing 3 cards to Apex: Invasive Predator.

Spiderweb is somewhat weak to Grimoire + Parasite, and hilariously, Breach, as well as rampant face checkers, as 4c is not cheap. Consider including some ICE to burn reckless players.

Let's not forget the Quetzels who haven't found their E3 Feedback Implants yet! —

Deceptively strong and a nicely costed, Ronald Five is a universal 'tech' card that conveniently fits into our standard vanilla HB Glacier decks. If you are already thinking of ways to fit in Cybernetics Court, look to ole Ronnie boy instead. Barring any gimmicks, Ronald is an annoyingly strong tax that punishes Parasite, trashing your campaigns, and trashing out of centrals.

I repeat, this works with Parasite ticking down and Keyhole as well.

Ronald Five can also see a bit of wombo-combo with Ash 2X3ZB9CY and Heinlein Grid, exclusively or together. Trashing Ash 2X3ZB9CY typically prompts a second run, but is it possible now that they need 3 clicks instead of 2? Even that trench-coated alley-walking guy whispering sweet nothings about Strongbox has a point now.

But seriously, take your newest standard HB deck and toss in a couple Ronald Five for your auxiliary remote. You'll be pleasantly surprised, he's earned his keep in mine.

It's worth mentioning that Ronald forces the runner to lose a click, not spend a click extra. That means Mr. Five doesn't interact with last-click runs. He does, however, interact hilariously with Ryon Knight. —
Say Heinlein and Ronald are both installed in the same server. Couldn't the runner choose to trash Heinlein first, this avoiding Heinlein effect even with Ronald active? I guess I'm just not seeing very much synergy here. Or did you mean a server with Ash and Heinlein together? —
Ash and Heinlein together. Or just a standalone Ash is a huge pain if they planned on losing the trace. —
I don't think it will come up often, bit the fact this card makes you lose a click, not spend it, means it can be negated by Adjusted Chronotype. It is rare to see it in play without Wyldside, though. —
as it stands this card is awful. It needed to be an addtional cost to trash to make this card viable. The runner can just run last click, and this card has negative effect on bioroids, since if clicking through them they will most likely end up with no clicks and thus lose nothing from this card. It also costs 3 which is crazy expensive for a card that will do nothing except maybe make them lose a click once. —
@Kamalisk I don't think you've looked at this card closely enough. I have had great use out of Ronald. Ronald Five is only going to be rezzed when you get the most use out of him. Couple him with Crisium Grid on your central and the runner must either a) trash the unrezzed Ronald Five, run the central, trash the Crisium Grid, or b) run the central, trash Crisium Grid with Ronald Five rezzed (losing a click). This is a hefty tax on runners trying to Maker's Eye or Account Siphon... So to summarize, he will get rezzed at times when you really want the effect. He is great as a one-of or possibly two-of in taxing decks with annoying upgrades. —
With a cost of 3 credits, it's the most valuable non-ICE bioroid target for the HB identity "Architects of Tomorrow" —

Casting Call is nuts. A 2-influence operation that states "give me this agenda, oh and it costs 2 clicks and 4 credits to steal."

In faction, it finds a nice 1-of / 2-of home in Butchershop variants with Scorched Earth and Traffic Accident. It can also see play with the new variety of tagging options in D&D.

In Weyland, Casting Call is a beacon of shining hope that descended from the heavens and touched little Weyland's cheek and said don't worry, it's not over yet. A turn 2 Weyland play that will cause a lot of Wow's and amygdala reactions is ice remote, Casting Call Project Atlas, advance. It's turn two, your Shaper rump still hasn't played their first Clone Chip and this guy is saying "Screw your SMC crap, if you can't get in by click 2 and spend 4c dumping the tags this is my Atlas counter."

The card retains value throughout the game, severely punishing players who like to hold punches in their grip to deal with your super Archer/Curtain Wall/Tollbooth remotes. You can suddenly swing a score in your favor by forcing them to get in by click 2 or keep a tag. It's not even a double, so you can plop Casting Call onto your favorite 3-pointer and push for gold!

Rating: Crazy/10. Revives Weyland 'Supermodernism' aka Scorched Rush and gives Blue Sun even more bite. Instantly replaces any loose Snare! or Ash 2X3ZB9CY.

Counterpoint: Film Critic laughs in this card's face. No coincidence, I suspect. —
Film Critic aside, it is very good in Weyland, but what bugs me is that it's still keeping Weyland depending on Scorched kill combos for the win and it is yet another good card for Weyland that is not in faction. —

This card could be what the Cloud Breaking & Entering Breakers (Spike, Crowbar, Shiv) need to be even more economical. Will also help with support programs such as Crescentus and Sneakdoor Beta in faction.

I'd like to note that this could be a cute little support card for Chameleon once its out, whether used in Kate (with 1 CMD) or Hayley (additional install), if you desired that sort of rig. :) —