Wotan, of the famous Project Wotan and subsequent playmat is named from the old Norse God Odin (Woden, Wotan, etc). I sometimes like to think about this card being named from the German tank operation in WW2 called Operation Wotan but alas, in Russia, Moscow captures you. Much like the ill-fated Battle of Moscow, Wotan is a sort of shiny massive barrier in the corpus of Bioroid Ice. Blue Sun: Powering the Future Decks might enjoy him with Oversight AI or Bioroid Efficiency Research but in the end, a 10 strength Barrier without many punishing effects doesn't really do much but offer a "wtf" moment when you rez him. Sadly, I love Wotan and as I have deemed him, "LORD OF THE ICE" I am a "wtf" moment lover.

Well, first of all, it's a barrier, and so it does a fair bit more than most barriers at not simply being "end the run". It's a bioroid, but without the ability to click to get through, and while it is technically passable without a breaker, that *is* punishing. It occupies the same place as curtain wall but with one more sub and no positional clause, although it is unique. I think it's an excellent wall, while I agree that it works best with ways to rez for free or at least cheaply. —
I love the artwork for this card, and I really want to like this ICE, but I really can't. —
Other than Bioroid Efficiency Research + Accelerated Beta Test HB decks, he won't see much play simply because he's 5 influence. Curtain Wall is 2 influence, and achieves nearly the same effect, with no option to click + credit + trash + damage to get through w/o a breaker. Janus would also be an easier splash for the surprise brain damage and ward against running, particularly in a kill deck. —