The install ability is great when the corp has only expensive cards rezzed, but is effectively useless against an opponent who has any cheap/free cards rezzed. It's actually worse than useless if they have Adonis/Eve/Launch Campaign rezzed, since you'll just be refilling their counters. (Oh, hello, Foodcoats!)

The trash ability is nice when when the corp has no cards unrezzed, or when you're sure that every one of their unrezzed cards are cheap. And if the install ability is ineffective, it's just as efficient to just click to draw for anyone but Geist. The only advantage you get is that you get to draw later instead of now, which might be useful if you need that one last card for Faust or if you're holding three cards and feel a Scorched Earth coming.

But now if you get a tag, the Corp can install any card (say, Archer) then trash your gang member to rez their card for a total cost of 2.

It's a situational card, but the situations where it's even marginally useful are pretty rare in my experience.

I have my own personal database, I plus one'd your review cause I didn't want to get into how stupidly situational this card is, I set the junk flag to 1 on this card :) TERRIBLE. I am going thru my db now since the list of cards is now over 1000, and tagging which cards are junk. I started doing this STARTING WITH THIS CARD OMG, it’s horrible! —

This card is extremely useful to Adam and Apex.

Adam has built-in "break any subroutine" feature with Always Be Running. With E3, now you can break every other subroutine on that piece of ice as well, meaning you could break Orion for 2 clicks and 2 . (Sadly, you can't use Multithreader credits for this though.)

Similarly, if a piece of ICE has an end the run subroutine, Apex can use his Endless Hunger with E3 to break through every other subroutine as well without having to burn through as many installed cards.

Specifically, Endless Hunger + e3 allows you to break non-ETR subs on an ice that has an ETR sub, period, because you would not be able to do it otherwise. —

This card combos really nicely with the new Jinteki ID Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping. Score a net damage (with a Neural EMP perhaps) and kill their best card. Then play Targeted Marketing and name one of the other cards in their hand.

Need to dump this card before you can get any net damage off? Just name Account Siphon (or whatever other card would mess up your plans the worst).