Biotic Renovations, install advance, advance, doing got knows what with the advancements, following turn, biotic, biotic, install 2 more agendas, advance advance advance. placing 4 advancements on the other agendas, 7 points in one turn, weyland

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't think this works. IAA Hollywood Renovation, that's 2 advancement counters. Next turn, double Biotic, leaving you with 5 clicks. Install 2 agendas, you're down to 3 clicks. AAA Hollywood Renovation and you have 3 advancement counters to dole out between the 2 naked agendas... what am I missing? —
Here's a better jank: Biotic, Mushin Hollywood, Ice and install Vanity Project in open server. next turn, Biotic, advance Hollywood 4 times, score both agendas for the win. so all you have to do is have 2 biotic labors, a mushin, Hollywood, and Vanity in hand, 12 credits, and the runner can't steal anything. totally doable. —
Mushin this to a secure server, put one more advancement on it. With 4 counters on Hollywood, the next Atlas you draw can be scored from hand. Install Atlas, advance Hollywood Renovation twice, put 3 advancements on Atlas, score Atlas. 6 on Hollywood means you can also score 4/2:s from hand. A weird kind of fast advance where you drop this in a server and let it sit there while the runner looks at it longingly. — Made a deck to match my previous post. enjoy. —
Mushin creates a NEW server. —
Mushin doesn't work with this card as you are placing advancements on the card NOT advancing the card theirs a differnce —
You don't use Mushin to get the immediate Hollywood effect, you use Mushin to help you rush to the 6 or more advancement tokens effect. —

The use of this card is so narrow, one of the few reasons i could ever imagine installing it (as an anarchist) is , if i want to wanton destruction, and have to amped up first, it will guarantee don't eat my won-tons by being to high. other wise i have NFID why you would waste a slot possibly running multiples so you can ditch them.

Considering not everyone is a master of acronyms, what does NFID stand for? —
Something along the lines of No Flapjack Idea, I believe. —

What this card does is pretty obvious, but it will for fill two rolls in a Valencia deck, in val heavy metas, people will most likely be running some sort of badpub removal. so leaving this on the table is a way of getting that 1 bad pub back for blackmail ect.

In val light metas, this will be just Pile on the badpub and profit. :)


Alot of people are saying this is just a worse version of demolition run. which at first glance it seems that way, and most of the time i might well be worse.

One of the few times i feel it might be useful is in a meta with corps using alot of Daily Business Show because most of the time the corps will be putting agendas onto the bottom till they have a window or are comfortable keeping them in HQ.

Other then that demolition run 4


This card is going to be A Huge boost for Virus decks that isn't just about installing and aesoping viruses into hades shard.

some of the more powerful combos of hosted viruses

Hivemind, the most obvious one that every one as pretty much thought of

Imp, on a progenitor paired with virus breeding ground, means it always has 1 counter to move another one to, for super trashing. ill happy trade one click to put a token on to trash a sansan ect

Darwin, so darwin (i have a soft spot for the old 4 legged killer whale) with be minimum of 2 after start of your turn. 1 token saved, 1 added (credit) , or 3 if you got a hivemind paired up and why wouldn't you. then for a click from virus breeding ground your on 4, with david +e3 your set !