A very odd card. As noted by goldstep below, this card compares unfavourably with other shaper draw cards if you assume a normal handsize. Thinking in terms of value analysis, this is a card that is only ever better than a Diesel or Quality Time if it is the only card in your hand (and only marginally so then) and is worse in every other situation. Thinking of how it might perform in a real match situation, it is even worse - the cost of having a card in your deck which is very, very often dead is massive, especially when that card is an 'economy' card you're relying on to make the rest of your deck more efficient - often you play a draw card because you're digging for answers you need right now, and the extra click makes game day far worse in that situation.

It is obvious, then, that the card's real reason to be is as an engine piece in combo decks which shoot for a ludicrous handsize - get your hand size boosters out and play this to draw everything else you need. Bish, bash bosh. In those decks, however, this card's influence is going to be a pretty substantial downside considering that at the moment, the cards Game Day wants to play with - Origami, Ekomind, and Bagbiter - are in crim and anarch. This looks to be a cautious piece of design from Fantasy Flight, with one eye on making sure any wacky runner combo decks won't be super competitive.

Somebody, somewhere is going to draw 20 cards off this and feel like Superman, but unless we're given a way to weaponise hand size or free memory more efficient than Sage and Overmind, this will remain a card for devoted Johnny players.

But what about Beach Party, which this card seems to have been made for? —
Public Sympathy, Borrowed Satellite, Box-E... —
It also funds your Power Naps! —
I guess that "way to weaponise" is Faust. —

One of my favourite bits of design in the whole game, for several reasons.

  • It's a strong, efficient economy card. Best-case, it gives you net 7 credits for 2 clicks - nearly as strong as a double hedge fund, and from a lower base as well.

  • It balances out that strength with several interesting drawbacks. Most obviously, it's becomes rapidly less efficient if you have less than 6 cards in hand before you play it. There is also the possibility that you'll have more, agenda points in hand than you're comfortable showing the runner, leaving you both flooded and poor. The double click is a bigger ask for the corp than for the runner, and makes this a problematic turn one play.

  • Most interesting is the question of playing it with traps like Snare and Shock in hand. On the one hand, you miss out on the runner possibly faceplanting HQ with a fatal Legwork. On the other, showing off your spiky hand wards off runs on the agenda points you hold in HQ or might hold later. There's also the possibility of revealing your use of an unorthodox trap such as Edge of World. For a corp which thrives on confusion, giving away info is a real cost. Celebrity Gift is a good example of the influence system at work - the card gets played where its use is most involved and interesting, not where it is strongest.

  • Coming out of Genesis cycle, Jinteki sometimes felt a mass of gimmicks and tricks with nothing tying their use together. You had all manner of convoluted kill conditions, but lacked the money or defenses to pressure a wary runner into triggering them - weak ice was particularly harmful at a point where siphon abuse was its most rampant. This card, an actual efficient source of money, and Himitsu-Bako, a small, handy etr ice, marked a sea change for Jinteki, where the trickery started to get supported with solid cards.

  • It has an adorable giraffe on the art. Nothing seals a CCG card as a fan favourite like furry little critters of doom. If the thematic justification for the effect, where Jinteki's publicity stunts give away their schemes, is a bit of a stretch, it's still quite clever. The card always makes me smile when I hold it in hand.

Gift isn't as common as it was outside of CI these days, but it still stands up as a lovely card on its own merits, and worth thinking about for most Jinteki decks.

It has particularly good synergy with Subliminal Messaging. —
For added fun, reveal four cards from a five card HQ and watch the Runner fret about what specific card you didn't want them to know about... —