Given the low install cost, this is probably a better option than Backstitching for early game aggression, even in Sable apoc decks but especially in Deep Dive decks. When you're done with it you can just trash it an get the two MU back.

How are there no reviews on Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist? While I did not encounter Freedom back when he was released, he is certainly making a comeback in this post Cyberdex Sandbox Midnight Sun era. The game plan is simple: install heaps of viruses and use the high influence but powerful Consume to bankroll your projects. Freedom can mimick Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer by trashing operations once per turn if he has enough virus tokens to do so. He's especially strong trashing the low rez cost, high trash cost assets and upgrades from hand. With cards like Botulus, Fermenter and Avgustina Ivanovskaya in the modern meta and without the virus hate we saw in the Ashes and System Gateway meta, Freedom will be a disruptive threat.

This card was good on release. Advancing ICE always had a cost and felt pretty slow but Mass Commercialization helped recoup these costs.

However, latest innovations in ICE advancement make this card a bit too good. SSO Industries: Fueling Innovation started the ball by advancing ICE for free, hence under a few conditions (having a face up agenda rezzed, only advancing one ICE per turn).

Then NISEI turned the dial by Wall to Wall, which places an advancement counter on a card per turn for free. Again, no need to waste money or time to advance ICE and Mass Comm becomes pure profit. You can always trash Wall to Wall I guess.

Now things have gone out of hands with Weyland Consortium: Built to Last. You now get money for advancing ICE the first time (still losing the click, but that's better than clicking for credits), AND you get loads of credits from Mass Comm.

The cycle is complete: you can now have cake AND eat cake. Being able to go from 0 to 10+ credits (I'm being conservative) in glacier with this card is game changing. It supports grindy Weyland Government Takeover decks which are the worst to play again. Is it time to reconsider this card?

It is pretty fun in PE traps decks through...

<p>This was a prescient review. Mass Commercialization recently got banned, for pretty much exactly the reasons you described. I've been considering going to the banned cards and writing reviews explaining why they're banned, but in this case, the explanation review was there already.</p> —

Hey Wall of Static, you've changed! And for the best, actually. On a remote, Palisade allows you to quickly jam something early or to protect a good econ card like Nico Campaign or Regolith Mining License.

It however won't do as much to protect your centrals against early aggression and is a liability against Tao. All in all, it probably won't be in the next Championship winning decklist but it's a good, reliable barrier before the runner finds their Paperclip.

Edit: Yes, I did mean Paperclip. What the hell is Paper Tripping haha.

<p>Did you mean to say <a href="/en/card/11024">Paperclip</a>, instead of <a href="/en/card/06015">Paper Tripping</a>? Or is there some crazy tag combo here that I don't know about?</p> —
<p>Palisade is one of my favorite new cards. It it just a really serviceable gearcheck ice that taxes reasonably well on the remote for its cost. Also, I think you meant <a href="/en/card/11024">Paperclip</a>?</p> —
<p>Yes I did mean <a href="/en/card/11024">Paperclip</a> haha. Sorry about that.</p> —
<p>palisade is ok, but there are better ice</p> —

I have been playing a fair bit of GameNet recently and I have to say that I've fallen in love with it. It's a very versatile ID, which means that the runner never quite knows what to expect. I have been playing a "fast glacier", with as many taxing ice as possible to cripple the runner while I fill up on credits. Endless EULA is particularly fun, giving you six credits if they decide to pay to break, although the reintroduction of Parasite with Salvaged Memories is a bit of a bummer for it. I run Remastered Edition, Project Beale and Bellona as agendas, which synergize very well with the ID. Tollbooth is a must as well. Even Pop-up Window gives you two creds for zero rez when they let it fire!

You could probably pull up a nice kill deck with it, getting paid for traces firing during runs, or even something spammy with Pop-up Window or Datapike protecting your assets.

Some reviewers say that this ID isn't great because the runner controls the trigger and you won't gain cash if they don't run. That may be true, but it might be because of your ID if they don't run. And if they don't run, scoring a Remastered or a Bellona quickly will remind them they should.