Late to the party and happy to say that I love me some Netrunner. I tend to stick to the janky combos needing several moving parts, so with that said, here we go!

I have found Awakening Center to be a great deterrent early/mid game. They see that I have a card on it and know it is most likely something nasty, so while I have 6-9 money and until they have something out that can deal with the mystery threat, they tend to not run the server. Combine having an Enhanced Protocol out, it can usually force bad decision on the Runner, especially in a remote server with an advanced card in it. I also include Mushin No Shin, Cerebral Overwriter and Junebug in my deck, to help increase the chances for the pressure to backfire. This is a janky combo that has a few moving parts and not being a competitive player, something I am known to run, but lining it up and watching the Runner realize they must face the beast is so fun. I also run Shell Corporation just in case they don’t take the bait of the trap, raise up the money to 9+ and see what will happen.

Also, how do you link cards in your review?