At first, I tried buidling around Ken Tenma because of his looks, more or less inspired from those japanese versus fighting videogames, and his cool ability. He basically rewards you for what you're supposed to do when you are playing the runner side which is hacking through corporate servers. While 1 credit gain seems far from a game changing ability, there's an equivalent no one would discuss : Kate McAffrey ! When you realize some of the most decisive run events (inside job, legwork, account siphon...) are in criminal faction, his ability is nothing to sneeze at. Some very good run events like Dirty laundry, Vamp or Stimhack are also strong in about any deck. So, even if it targets some specific cards (but who does'nt include run events when building ?), you can usually trigger his special and gain a free credit each turn. But he really starts to shine once you realize what you can do with the extra influence ! A lot of options are now open, including high influence icebreakers or programmes like Keyhole (I am currently playing a cool keyhole/dopplegänger/ Notoriety deck) and include cards to surprise your opponent. Things you didn't seriously considered before like The Source now have a little space in your deck thanks to his 17 points.

Overall he really is an excellent runner. I switched from other criminal identities to Tenma, first for the look, and now for what Ken Tenma can bring during the deckbuilding process, the drip economy from his special ability being just the icing on the cake. Hail for the clone, baby !