I guess the consensus is that this card is generally worse than "Clones are not People" since the runner has less control over when they score agendas. However, this card seems useful in Sunny. Usually her R&D pressure is based on knowing the top card, so it would be easy enough to play this when there's an agenda on top, and up the score by 1. Seems useful for closing out games, especially against decks that run an agenda suite of 2-pointers and GFI.

OTOH, at that point Sunny is usually winning anyway but this could be worth trying as a one-of.

I don't think it's value as a defensive card should be underplayed either. As @Goldstep mentions, it mitigates the impact of decks that run high density, low value agendas (e.g., Harpsichord, —
Argus etc.) And it costs no influence so I could honestly see it splashed in some early aggression decks. I've had some success using Ken. —

Midori is an interesting tech right now. You can use her to block cutlery attempts, especially against the second or deeper ICE on a server. As was commented to the earlier review, she can also very easily block any Parasite + Datasucker plays - just rez her when they play the parasite if it's the outermost ICE. Now they have to wait until Parasite kills the ICE naturally rather than make the sucker play. Against Clone Chip you have to prerez so there is no surprise factor, but just discouraging the attempt might be enough to get a scoring window. She also shuts down Surfer + Paintbrush completely. You can rez her in the window after they paint your ICE barrier. If surfing was the runner's only plan, Midori locks the remote and throws away the key.

As commented to the previous review, she can make positional ICE more useful. You know what she's also good with? Grail ICE. That's a real living wall right there. With grails you always have different types of ICE in hand, and you can just screw the runner every time they don't have their full rig - and grail ICE has a bite. Sure, you lose the credits you spent to rez the ICE you replace, but if it lands you a couple of Lancelot or Merlin shots it's probably worth it. Of course a lot of players are just running a certain totally balanced AI breaker... but Midori can drop a Swordsman or Komainu out of nowhere too. "Oh, I see you just want past my TL;DR to spoon my Merlin? Here, have a Komainu!"

Does all this make her playable outside of jank? Maybe not. If her ability was a paid ability then the surprise factor might be worth it, but now runners can always jack out after you rez her.


Jank aside, this agenda works well with advanceable ICE. Even buffing something as simple as an Ice Wall to 6 strength while scoring this agenda is actually quite efficient. One of the very few agendas in the game that allow you to increase defenses while scoring it. The synergy sounds useful for a Weyland glacier build.

...and then back to the jank: slap this on Off the Grid, have advanceable ice on HQ and advance away to your heart's content. Proceed to lose the game to D4v1d.

That's why you use Tyrant instead! —

Initially when I saw this card my immediate decision was "wow, this card is really bad". It may sound cool that you can just not give a damn about the number of subroutines on an ICE, until you realize that there are like 5 code gates with more than 2 subs. So the 2 to break any number of subs is more often a burden than a blessing. In comparison, GS Shrike M2 is something you might occasionally want to splash into other factions to deal with high strength multisub sentries which are actually somewhat numerous. Likewise, GS Sherman M3 is still an okay in-faction fracter for Sunny. In comparison, Striker just feels god-awful on paper.

The two closest comparisons are ZU.13 Key Master and... Peacock. Yeah, that decoder hiding in binders around the world. Zu is more economic for 11 ICE in the game. In 10 of these it beats Striker by exactly 1. The important 2 exception is Turing on a central. Striker beats Zu in breaking 9 of the game's code gates, 6 of which are 1 cheaper and 3 are 2 cheaper. They break even with 18 ICE. Also, remember that Gordian Blade is almost always 1 less to break than Zu and costs the same as Striker to install. In comparison to Peacock, Peacock is more economic for 5 ICE, and always with a difference of 2. The other way around it's 7 ICE, 2 of which make Striker a whopping 4 cheaper. They tie for 26 ICE.

Special cases are Ireress, NEXT Bronze and Salvage. Technically Merlin also but I included a 3 sub Merlin in the previous analysis. Ireress is usually not broken as it takes 1 per sub either way. If the corp has 5 bad pub Striker edges ahead and breaks it for 4. Yay? NEXT Bronze varies. Striker break even with Zu at 4 strength and then again at 6, and if finally at an advantage when Bronze hits 7 strength. Salvage is always broken by 2 with Striker, so it breaks even at 2 advancement and after that it's Striker advantage all the way. This might be important if someone actually played Salvage.

Which leads us to the crux of the problem: the ICE where Striker has a clear advantage are... Hourglass, Merlin and Orion. So while we're waiting for the Hourglass meta to swing around, Striker mostly shines against Merlin. It also wins both its competitors when breaking Viper, which can actually be useful. The one ICE where it really hurts is the 2 extra to break a central Turing. Enigma, Datapike, Quandary and Tollbooth are also definitely relevant.

As far as in-faction goes, Striker is not insanely horrible. Zu does bite off 2 influence, which can easily become 4 since having only 1 in a 50 card deck can be a bit unreliable. Just bear in mind that Zu is almost an econ card's worth cheaper to install. Ultimately, based on the math it's probably playable in Sunny, but you'd better be bringing some serious economy. As mentioned in the Sherman review, bringing Datasuckers can really help reduce the situations where you're effectively paying 2 to boost Striker by 1. Sadly it does nothing to help you when you're breaking single subs for 2.

Out of faction... well, unless your meta has some serious Hourglass, Merlin and Salvage shenanigans Zu is pretty much always the better call.

Of course, if you are actually playing Sunny and Don't want to pay the two influence for Zu, this is still really serviceable. —
This won't come up often, but this is one of the best decoders vs Little Engine. You'll need 6 credits but as you can break any number of subs, you can choose to break only 2 of them, thereby giving 5 of those credits back. Even Torch/Cyber Cipher only does one better than that. —
For bigger code gates this is a pretty good breaker and there are a bunch of big, obnoxious code gates coming out in the 23 seconds cycle so perhaps people will start looking more closely at this card. I'm thinking particularly of anarchs, which normally lean on david for breaking big code gates. David will be less effective against the new, big, multi-sub code gates so this might work as an alternative. —

The 100% guaranteed most obvious way to use this card:

  1. Install Tech Startup on a server with one or two ice
  2. Find Alix T4LB07 with your startup and rez it
  3. Install Awakening Center on the same server
  4. Install 3 ice on AC with Shipment from Mirrormorph
  5. Install even more ice if you like (optional)
  6. Look at the runner's puzzled expression as they wonder wtf you're doing (optional)
  7. When you feel like it, take the money from Alix (I doubt any runner would want to run this server at this point)
  8. Install Self-Destruct on the server
  9. Wait.
  10. If the runner's not biting, install an agenda or Director Haas or whatever on the server
  11. Laugh maniacally as you blow up your Awakening Center with a stack of unused ice on it.
  12. ???
  13. Profit

Let me know if you manage to build a deck that does this. Do it for science.

You evil genius. —
Hilarious, but Self Destruct still tops out at 3 net damage. Hardly enough for a kill. —
It's not about the net damage. It's about sending a message. —