The dream is alive, and the card is Security Nexus. Nexus is Sunny's console- "Once per turn, when you encounter a piece of ice, you may force the Corp to trace5; If successful, give the Runner 1 tag and end the run. If unsuccessful, the Runner bypasses the currently encountered ice." With enough link, Security Nexus will force the Corp to pay out to prevent you from bypassing, and the worst they can do is stick you with a tag. Power Tap makes this even better- you get paid to bypass ice. Throw some of these out along with some link-boosting stuff and you can not only facecheck with impunity and slip right by their nastiest pieces of ice but get paid for the privilege. And at 1 influence it's an easy import into Sunny or whoever you run Nexus with. Disruptor also combos with it, although I think that might be a little too janky to work well.

From just a little playtime with her, I can say without question that once you have about 5 link with Sunny, Power Tap becomes totally demoralizing. —
Second that sentiment. Totally wrecks glacier decks. —

Sacrificial Clone has use, although a niche one. Anarchs that seek to win on a single 'glory run' will like him as an in-faction method of damage prevention against traps. There's a few builds that basically pump up Incubator and other virus stuff, throw it all on Medium, and then dig your entire deck at once. This is obviously a risky move against Jinteki and anyone else who happens to be running traps. Sacrificial Clone is an in-faction way of surviving your last turn- as long as you can make sure it is your last turn.

The important thing to note is that the Corp derezzes and rezzes the card, not the runner. So they'll happily derez a Jackson, Contract Killer the Gang Member, then res a Curtain Wall. It's got some definite uses but it's still pretty janky.

Fall Guy combos well in this situation. In my op —
First turn: Run server. Corp rezzes ice? Gang member. It's totally worth the variance. It's the chance to make the corp lose money for nothing. Obviously, it's not a fit in every deck, but in Geist (with the ability to draw 2 cards in a pinch at any time as a backup), it's a great, great utility. —
(Backspace is too close to Return) In my opinion, the downside of this card isn't a bad as you might think. Yes, in theory, the corp could rez something big and nasty, but they'd have to have it on the table at the right time. I reckon most times, the corp will be forced to rez a cheap asset or upgrade, or maybe a piece of ICE, which would remove the element of surprise. Also, it would be just as easy to run HQ, trash MGM, then Emergency Shutdown whatever ICE they rez. —