EDIT Boo. MCC can't be advanced. Them's the breaks.

Hollywood has many combos, but in my opinion its simplest and best friend for fast advance is Mumbad Construction Co.. If MCC is on the table and the runner didn't trash it immediately, rez at the end of the runner's turn for 1 advancement token. Install-advance-advance Hollywood Renovation and target MCC with its ability, then pay six credits to move the MCC advancement tokens back onto Hollywood. Boom. 3 points, 12 credits spent, with immediate threat of repeating next turn if you have another Hollywood in hand, this time for only 8 credits. Runner thinking Weyland be slow? Runner be down 6 points now...

Usual caveats for fast advance apply (cough Clot cough), but be aware that Political Operative can ruin your day in this case as well.

You can't target MCC with Hollywood's ability. MCC can't be advanced. —
<p>You canĀ“t advance <a href="/en/card/10036">MCC</a>, but you can place advancement tokens on it just as you can with <a href="/en/card/05003">Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within</a></p> —
<p>@m.p Normally yes, but this <a href="/en/card/08098">Hollywood Renovation</a> specifically stated the target must be advanceable</p> —

With the arrival of new tagstorm deck archetypes in Data and Destiny, perhaps there will be some new value for this potentially rig-wiping card which has not seen a lot of love since there are many cheaper and generally more effective forms of tag punishment. The current pool of operation-based tag punishment includes meat damage (Scorched Earth and Traffic Accident), monetary damage (Closed Accounts), resource removal (Freelancer) and agenda acceleration (Psychographics).

So the main question becomes, why bother with such an expensive operation to cut 2 MU of programs off the runner's table when you could be dealing 4 meat damage instead? Well, in most cases, you probably shouldn't, but there may be some situations when it's a better choice. Some pros:

  • 0 influence. You may not want to go all-in spending all your influence on 3x Scorched.
  • Wiping a program or two reactivates Cortex Lock.
  • Many runners are prepared to counter meat damage; they may be less prepared to rebuild their rig (especially if Closed Accounts also lands) which opens up late-game scoring windows.
Bad Times gets rid of cards that the runner has invested clicks and credits into and will have to spend valuable resources (like Clone Chips) to get back. That tempo hit is much more valuable than meat damage if you can't land the kill. —
We'll see less of Clone Chip now that it's on the MWL. As this was a huge part of program recursion, program trashing abilities like Bad Times will hopefully get a boost. —