If you don't have any specific plan for your console, but need that extra 1 memory to run your whole program suite, this is probably the console for you. It pays for itself in three turns, provided you run, and then it also lets you filter out cards you don't need right away.

Other consoles might have more synergy with particular plans, but this one is likely never a bad choice.

I could see playing this with Oracle May, preferably in an event heavy deck. Nice console! —
Desperado in disguise? —

Desperado being piloted by Mr. li in disguise.

4.1 made this a less insane mind game, but it's still good fun and an easy way to get agenda fodder.

What I really made this review about: Can we all agree that the little martian Arthur Dent in the art is adorable?

"We'll see who rusts first!" —