and mean that Geist will have some love for this card. The B&E breakers, with their highly conditional strength requirements could benefit greatly from a simple one-time boost like this provides, and the fact that it is a connection, also synergises very well with other criminal cards, Hostage and Calling in Favors, to name two. Only two influence means it's highly splashable, and an install cost of two makes it easy to get from The Supplier.

The only problem with this card that it's Unique. Once you trash it, you might not have enough MU and need to trash some programs. And if you include a Dyson Mem Chip (which you should) then you can better spend the 2-4 (-6?) influence on other cards. —
True, @Voron, but it also plays nicely with Forger (which is probably what Geist wants to use anyway). Once you get a Forger and an AI down, you can pop either one safely. —
The uniqueness is indeed a pain, and as such this shouldn't be your only source of link in a cloud breaker deck. Dyson is a natural solution, but I'm even tempted to consider Borrowed Satellite, given the amount of cards you may end up drawing. —