An interesting interaction with this card and Street Peddler. If the runner has Muertos Gang Member on a Street Peddler, and there is no other card rezzed, the following may happen. The Runner runs a piece of ice. The Corp chooses to rez that piece of ice. At the 3.1 Timing window. the runner uses Street Peddler to install Muertos Gang Member. This forcez the Corp to derez the ice, and the Subroutines are not allowed to fire. The Corp cannot rez the ice again, because the window for rezzing has passed, allowing the runner past.

Are we sure about that? That situation is kind hard to manufacture, but is pretty cool. —
That only works if the corp chooses to derez that ice. The choice is the corps. —

This card is a decent consideration now that each faction has tools that specifically help with (Comet, Doppelganger/Early Bird, Eater). However, I would like to try to answer the important question of why, instead of the answer to how. What makes this card good, and why would I consider it in my serious decks right now?

  • There is the obvious secret win, when the corp doesn't expect you to score that last point.

  • Scoring one early can make an all in play for the final agenda much more confident

  • Finally, the most important reason. Glacier Corps are becoming a serious issue. Jinteki is running agendas that are incredibly hard to steal. If the Corp has scored 3 Nisei MK II, and you have scored 3 NAPD, and all that is left is the Future Perfect, this turns a very difficult win into a feasible one.

As Agenda's are scored and stolen, Agenda density decreases, and this is to the corp's advantage. The most powerful effect of Notoriety is that there are no longer 20 Agenda points in the game, there are 22 or 23. This pressures the corp in a powerful indirect way.

As such, I would include this in decks that have central run synergy, and have a difficult time against Glacier Corps. This might be a fine fit for Leela, or Valencia, or Hayley. And let's not underestimate the value of an early point because the Corp let you leak in some central runs early.


The hardest issue with this card has always been deck slots. There might be a case where you swap this card with Ash 2X3ZB9CY in Glacier HB decks. If you install advance advance this in a big remote, and leave it there, the runner cannot distinguish if is a big 5/3, and may or may not run it. Regardless of whether or not they run it, you can score it and install advance advance your real 5/3 next turn.


There are quite a few tricks you can pull with this card.

-You can use the recurring credits to trash assets that you access in HQ, or on PSI games. -You can use the recurring credits to pay to remove Tags from siphon or vamp with NACH during the Run. -You can absolutely Vamp people using these credits.

Finally, the somewhat odd nature of this card regarding virus counters and recurring credits needs to be clarified: At the start of the turn after the corp purges virus counters, the recurring credits stored on pheromones from the previous turn are not removed.

I feel like I finally made decent progress with this card when I built a Gabe deck using Cyberfeeder, NACH, Vamp, Siphon, Central Breakers, Djinn, and Lamprey. Every card in here is good in Gabe already except Djinn, which can totally tutor out lampreys or host your sneakdoor.

I like this card a lot, as I really like recurring credits. You need to build a deck around it, but if you do it can be really effective. It's worth noting that this card works well with Hivemind. —