Now that the hype has worn off, let's talk about Mausolus.

It turns out that this card isn't as absurd as people thought. 4 for a 5 strength, 3 sub code gate is actually fantastic, but the three subs turn out to be fairly weak without being triple advanced. And if you aren't using jank to triple advance it, well, 10 credits for a 5 strength, 3 sub code gate is pretty hard to justify no matter how good the subs are. If you are using jank, you run into the problem advanceable ice has had since day 1, which is that it sucks without the jank, the jank sucks without the ice, and the benefit you're getting is probably marginal compared to just playing better ice and an econ card.

It's not absurd, but taken on the value of it's unadvanced side only it is a highly respectable piece of central-server tax ICE. —
Wouldn't it be 7 credits to advance normally? Still taxes Gordian Blade 6 credits to break everything. —
I think he's counting the click as another credit —
Okay, I see that now, but click =/= credit. —
Gotta disagree with you there Junkmail, this ICE is godsend in Weyland. though it's unadvanced subs aren't stellar, the facecheck punishment is real. a net damage and a guaranteed tag for only 3 credits is enough to make even NBN jealous. It costs a lot to break, even with the most efficient decoders, and tools like Priority Construction, Shipment From Kaguya and even Hollywood Renovation can easily get it up to 3 advancements. And while less than 3 advancement counters won't boost the ICE itself, it still fuels Builder of Nations and Mass Commercialization. —

Hot Take: This card isn't as good as people think it is.

It definitely has it's place, and that is as a solid piece of AI hate and a post-tagstorm taxing tool. Otherwise, the numbers are pretty mediocre - this ends up being a barrier Hunter for 1 credit more, which is not exactly fantastic. Lining up the tag is going to be pretty hard in the first place, and runners are more or less guaranteed to beat the trace running through this. However, against any AI breaker, this is brutal. Tag on encounter is dumb, and the ETR suddenly seems a lot more relevant. It's also good once the runner has had like a billion tags get dumped on them to keep them out of servers, but I'd argue that Resistor is much stronger in that role.

Ultimately, I think the power of this card is heavily dependent on how much your deck struggles against AIs, as well as how prevalent AIs are in the current metagame.


This is one of the few cards which I'm comfortable with calling "Completely Unplayable until FFG prints some serious support."

There's currently only two cards which interact with advertisements besides this: Ad Blitz, and Spark Agency. Spark's ability is strongest in the early game, when you can really gimp the runner's start before they have a decent econ engine going. Obviously, you aren't going to have this agenda scored early on, so almost all of your assets are going to be advertisements anyway (except Jackson). So this is mostly irrelevant in Spark, since there's no point in giving your advertisements "advertisement".

Ad Blitz is marginally more promising, until you realize that you run into the same problem. If you're using Ad Blitz, your assets are all probably advertisements anyway. If they aren't, then you have to score this agenda to actually use Ad Blitz.

Speaking of which, it's not like NBN lacks access to good 4/2 Agendas, and those are considered situational, because they're just so hard to score in almost all NBN decks. So until FFG prints a card that says something like "sub: Deal 2 net damage for each rezzed advertisement" this isn't even a fun card in dumb janky decks. It's a shame too, this is just about the only stinker in an otherwise fantastic set.


So, Enforcer is a weird card, and one of the most interesting cards in Old Hollywood. Its most obvious comparison is Archer, the other piece of ice you have to sac an agenda for. It goes without saying that a five strength four sub sentry is enormously taxing to anything that isn't Switchblade, even if it can be clicked through. And all of it's subs are high impact! Kind of. Let's break it down sub by sub. Like Archer, you really shouldn't be rezzing this if you don't expect the subs to fire.

Trash 1 program - This is a high impact sub against every good runner deck, and is probably going to be the first sub to get clicked through. However, without the power of an ETR sub, this requires another piece of ice to be effective on a remote.

Do 1 brain damage - Yay dain bramage! But you only give the runner one. And without some more brain damage to back it up, one brain damage is pretty underwhelming. So this sub is only going to be relevant to HB lists with a decent amount of support for brain.

Trash 1 console - So this sub is going to be effective against most runners. I mean, seriously, what top tier deck doesn't run a console? This sort of antisynergizes with the first sub, though. Trashing a program will free up memory for them that they can spare when they trash their console. Another one of the downsides to this sub is that once it fires once, it's more or less a dead sub - trash the runner's console, and they have no console to be trashed.

Trash all virtual resources - And now we get the weirdest subs in the game. If you're playing against a stealth deck that somehow doesn't have its Switchblade or Dagger out, congrats! Kill those Ghost Runners. Otherwise, a lot of decks run one type of virtual resource or another and this will hit maybe 50% of decks with some force. Again, it suffers from the downside the previous sub has, being dead once the runner hits it once. The most obvious synergy with this sub is the Power Shutdown - Jackson Howard - Accelerated Diagnostics combo, but then we're entering all kinds of crazy combo Christmas land.

So overall, a damn strange piece of ice. I have no clue how playable this is, and it might be very meta sensitive. I don't think it's better than Archer, but someone will find a way to make it work.

I think the virtual resources sub will hit Apex hard though... —
Since Endless Hunger only works against 'End the Run' subs, and it costs 4 MU to install, all of Enforcer's subs will wreck Apex not just the last sub. I can see it being splashed in some decks, 1 cred and forfeiting an agenda in exchange for destroying a toolbox or turntable at the right time would be a decent tempo shift, but at 5 strength and only 1 click to bypass a sub I'd be concerned that by the time you need Enforcer the runner could bypass the subroutines you really want to land. —
Sadly, unlike its compatriot Archer, this piece of ice falls easily to Deus X. When you've had to pay so much to play it, any faction - especially Shaper - holding that kind of silver bullet is not great. —
Obviously also Sharpshooter, but that's the case for Archer too. Still, it means that ice has double the number of hard counters that Archer does, which is not awesome. Enforcer is cheap in credit terms, but feels vulnerable. —
Marcus Batty, anyone? —
I feel like this is asking to be in a Jinteki deck in front of something like Chum. Unless they've done something to gain clicks, they can't click through all the subroutines, and you can get some damage out of it that way. Every time they want to get through that run, they'll need to pay a lot for the pair. (That said, if you can break Chum, at that point, it will go back to making this weak.) —
Apex can pitch his console to eat the brain damage, so this really doesn't affect him much at all. Ichi and Vikram are far scarier for him. —