Brain Mti

scd 190

For reasons unclear to me, I am now obsessed with completing old claims on ABR tournaments from many years ago. So I'm doing that here. This was the deck I played to 8th place (? ABR says 6th, but I was out of the cut first, I think) at the 2018 Regionals at Atomic Empire in scenic Durham, NC. The Regionals played the day right after FFG announced it was ending the game.

Mti was lots of fun, especially this build, which ran Brainstorms and Helheims. This list was created by a Wisconsin player but I don't remember their name, sadly (though I did play them in King of Servers 2018 versus this deck and lost miserably). Spags shared it with me on the down low and it did some work on the day. Including a very fun and memorable landing of landing 12 brain damage using a Brainstorm vs. a player running Obelus and having a 17-card hand -- in the midst of a fourth-click, all-in, ready-to-win-it-now, huge Counter Surveillance dig on R&D... in which they hit a Bacterial about halfway down. I moved or dumped all agendas, and they couldn't close out the game. Then had to draw 17 more cards. And then immediately ditch another 12 of them. Crazy game.

Anyway, I miss you, Brainstorm Mti.