[Lockdown17] Mongoose Soup - 1st place, 3-1

rsh 74

Baba Yaga works, kind of. We lost breaking sentry subs for 0 with Faerie, but we got pumping for +5 with Unity (!). Ice strength becomes irrelevant once the rig is assembled.

This may be the one deck where Khan is not a terrible ID, just a meh one. Given that we have four (ideally five) breakers to install ASAP, boomerang/overclock/IJ tricks give some value - expect the trigger to fire 2-3 times per game.

If facing IP Block or you expect to be successfully rigshot, just bottom Baba Yaga with TCA and play boring netrunner.

If you're brave and want to brew it in Standard, -Swift -Khan +Bravado +Pennyshaver +Turning Wheel +more central pressure.