[Seattle Startup Bash 2nd] Tea-time Sable

Runaway 156

A pretty close copy of @skry's Sablé Breton, with the suggested console and DreamNet changes applied, as well as dropping 1 Casts, 1 IJ and the Legwork for 1 Backstitching, a 2nd pinhole and the 3rd Pennyshaver.

Because the event was 7 rounds of single-sided Swiss, I only played this 3 times. (My GameNET went about as well, 3-1.)

  • Tie Round 2 vs Roman's BABW. I knew this was a kill fork deck going in and got lucky a few times, like ignoring the Clearinghouse until it had 6-advancements and tanking an IAA Overwriter with 4 cards in hand. But this game ultimately was a 0-0 at time because my opponent never drew a single agenda.

  • Win Round 4 vs Riley's GameNet. My notes for this game are not good but it was a late game Deep Dive win.

  • Win Round 5 vs Firebird's NEH. I had just lost to this deck two days prior in a 75+ minute econ attrition game so I knew what to look out for. His asset spam plan was econ, San San City Grid, and Bladderworts, with License Acquisition for extra recursion. Pennyshaver was essential in this match. He got a little too aggressive with naked Bladderwort installs that all got trashed early, and then late game I was up 6-5 while RnD was only covered by an Engram Flush. So, I hammered centrals with 0 cards in hand as time approached and tried to make sure he couldn't get any 1- or 2- pointers to FA.

In practice games I did occasionally draw the Twinning and it occasionally worked as kind of a bad Docklands or RDI but I never installed it in these 3 games and I think the influence could probably be better spent on a second Corroder or more econ or draw.