Click Efficiency Az - GLC Modded Tourneys (2nd at one point)

bowlsley 560

[Modded is System Core 19 + the latest cycle (currently Ashes) only]

This is it. My masterpiece in Modded runner decks. After starting with a more straightforward Pawnshop Shaper Crim deck, I've refined it into this monster. Awkward to play correctly, a nightmare to maintain the board state for in person, and of entirely dubious value. I'm extremely proud of it.

What is the secret ingredient to this dish, you ask? Why, it's the ridiculous amount of hardware in the deck of course! With 17 cards you stand a substantial chance of having a spare one in hand to install during a run with Masterwork (v37), and when you get your Q-Loop installed you should be using it to try and do this during the corp's turn too, which will mean you're racking up a clickless install and a clickless draw every turn (both yours and theirs), and you'll fly through your deck towards the warm, sunlit dreamlands of a three-Boomerang-only stack.

Managing the top of the stack with Q-Loop and ensuring that there's a hardware there as often as possible is the hardest part of playing the deck. If you have a Class Act installed, try to draw first on your turn before running, otherwise you won't be able to get the second card you see onto the top (TCA will "draw" both). If you have a Masterwork installed, trigger the hardware install from it first, so that what you see on the stack isn't immediately invalidated by the console's automatic draw.

A couple of further notes on things:

Stimhack - Can be used to pay for Masterwork and Q-Loop installs. The equivalent to Shapers using it with SMC to get their breakers out for free, this is a great way to get those costly Interfaces out without using your own money.

Flip Switch - Has some limited value via its actual functionality (my favourite being as a way to escape nasty ice during a run without consequence), but can also be sold to Aesop for a 1-3 credit profit. I even had Lucky Charms in this deck at one point before I decided that Simulchips might have more usefulness.

Bank Job - This would be a 3x if there were more asset corps in the format. 10 credits over two clicks (0 to install with Az's ability, 7 claimed back from the run, and 3 more when sold to Aesop) is incredible value, and if there are no free remotes then you should still be able to squeeze 3 credits out of just installing and then selling next turn.

Makler - Not as good as Corroder obviously, and costly to install, but otherwise pretty much fine (see also Abagnale). I find the deck rich enough to cope with it, but you could always cut a 'chip for the superior Anarch equivalent, if you want.

Once again, thanks to Dirjel and the lovely people of the GLC Discord for another fun tournament! I'm off to try and cram a Masterwork into Shaper now.