dnddmdb 205

Ken Tenma has enough influence to run 2 copies of both Deep Dive and Ghosttongue.

This is just a fun deck I have been toying around with on JNet. Is it better in Sable? Probably. But playing Carpe Diem to gain a net 5 and make a clickless run is pretty awesome.

General gameplan is get set up with Ghosttongue, Cezve and breakers and pressure the Corp when you can. Steal a few incidental agendas and then close with the Deep Dive, hopefully able to steal two agendas thanks to Swift.

Don't lose your breakers to Core Damage. Boomerang could probably be Inside Job. Have fun!

20 Sep 2022 valerian32

Interesting concept! = D

21 Sep 2022 callforjudgement

I've been working on this style of Ken deck for a while.

Surprisingly, I've found that both Deep Dive and Ghosttongue have underperformed. With Deep Dive, the issue is that it misses too often; there are so many games that you stake on hitting the winning agenda with Deep Dive, and then it simply isn't there. Meanwhile, the core damage from Ghosttongue really hurts; in this sort of deck, every card is relevant (it isn't like an Anarch deck where you have lots of redundant copies), so playing Ghosttongue really slows you down, and thus you need to see it really early for it to pay you back. In my version, I ended up swapping it out for a different economic engine.

The deck has some really bad matchups, notably Jinteki: Personal Evolution and Acme Consulting: The Truth You Need (plus anything that scores Better Citizen Program). I've added a couple of Leave No Trace to my deck in order to make the Acme matchup winnable, but it hurts in other matchups.

I've also discovered that (apart from Personal Evolution) nearly all the Corp-side threats against this are from NBN, so I've been tuning my deck against NBN in particular (lots of Citadel Sanctuary – I used Rogue Trading as the alternative economic engine after removing the Ghosttongue).

The other main problem with the deck is the lack of a really viable win condition (considering that Deep Dive doesn't hit often enough to help). Top Hat seems almost playable (and helps against fast advance); Jailbreak helps to top up the random accesses; Docklands Pass may be correct. I haven't found anything I really like, though.

How is the Aumakua doing for you? I ended up removing mine for fear of IP Block, but I guess it's possible to just not install it against NBN.

21 Sep 2022 dnddmdb

You could be right about Ghosttongue. Definitely the Core Damage hurts quite a bit, but if you can get it down the upside is so strong. Deep Dive has been doing well for me, but I get the hesitance. If anything I think it has helped the PE matchup. I really do use it as a closer and not early on. Top Hat was another choice for my final influence, but Deuces is really strong. I did have Jailbreaks in here at one point but they just didn't perform how I liked.

I have made a couple changes: drop Legwork for Docklands, drop Overclocks for Inside Job, drop a Boomerang for a No Free Lunch.

Regarding Aumakua, I have found that it does a lot of work. If you are afraid of IP Block don't install it, but against some matchups it hits super hard. It just sort of incidentally accumulates counters and then can get you through a FC3 or Tollbooth.