10 minutes

Diogene 2655

Win or lose fast. If you have a break between meeting, you can probably do two games with this deck, it is that fast.

The best thing for this deck archetype is the rotation of Guru Davinder and Sports Hopper. Those cards were the doom of this archetype. Now, there is basically Marrow, T400 Memory Diamond and Caldera that can protect you... maybe.

Win fast

Mulligan plan : you need ices.

Gameplan : Kill the runner with Neurospike after scoring Reeducation.

How to do that : you mill the deck until you have the 3 combo pieces : Reeducation, Seamless Launch and Neurospike. Then you install Reeducation behind one or two pieces of ices and advance it twice. Next turn, you use Seamless Launch to score it while having a click left. That last click is used to activate Neurospike, which will do 3 net damages on a nearly empty runner hand (thanks to Reeducation).

Pieces that will help you sift through your deck : Daily Business Show, Special Report, Rashida Jaheem and Predictive Planogram.

To get the necessary credits, Rashida Jaheem, Predictive Planogram, Pop-up Window and your ID (Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future).

In the previous meta, I used Sprint. You can see the deck here : French Racing. I chose to use Daily Business Show instead of Sprint, for two reasons. First, it allowed me to get the third Neurospike, which make it more likely that I'll get my combo earlier. Second, Daily Business Show cost 4c to trash for the runner, which is a great deal in a game that last 7 turns or less, on top of being at the cost of a click for the runner.

Aside from that, the other change is Whitespace, instead of Enigma, because it cost less and early game (there is no midgame here), it does a fairly good job at stopping the runner.

All my games with this deck were less than 15 minutes. Usually around 10 minutes.


17 Aug 2022 jamesmarcus

Stoneship Chartroom also impacts your ability to single neurospike kill!

17 Aug 2022 Diogene

@jamesmarcus very true! And at only 1 inf, it is a great tech card to have in any runner decks. Sadly, I see few players slotting Stoneship Chart Room, since prefers using the influence for Deuces Wild.

Thanks for sharing!