[6th @ CanNats] Steven

enkoder 840

Got a meta full of ASA/PD? Put them in jail with Steven. The only tech card you need is the dame Miss Bones and we're rolling deep with her. This deck went 2-1 (SSS) dropping a game to Sokka on his Ob asset spam list. This deck had a pretty good chance but didn't quite hit the things in the order I needed them to in order to keep up on tempo.

You may ask yourself, why doesn't this deck have any multi-access? Well, when you're in prison you know where to find the agendas. Just keep running, pinning the corp on the playmat and eventually they will show up. Even though Steve wasn't super popular in continentals I think he's been a strong choice. Who needs a boat when you've got a turtle to rip around on??

Anyways, per usual, 'grats to Sokka!

13 Sep 2022 TyrellCorp

As enkoder and I respectfully disagree on the need for multiaccess, I played a modified version using the twinning along with some cards to enable it. I drew it exactly once.