Kit Startup Deck

MindControlMouse 66

Relies heavily on Gordian Blade boost throughout run → innate, Egret, Pelangi to convert to Code Gate → Chameleon as backup Card/Resource Draw: Commission/VRcation, Favor, Diesel, Laundry, Gamble, PAD, Hotel, Smartware, Telework

24 Jan 2022 Ozvaldo

Great to see such a good quality deck using gateway cards

25 Jan 2022 stewartm

wow, I love this deck right now.

26 Jan 2022 Mr. Modest

There's beauty in the simplicity

27 Jan 2022 Brogue Leader

What's the reason for the Prepaid VoicePAD include, out of interest? It seems like its best case scenario (every nonzero cost event is reduced as far as it can be) they're worth 15 credits all together (21 discounted credits - 6 install cost credits), which makes them at best equal value to 3x Daily Casts in that slot, and usually worse, so is it down to preferring being able to Gamble from 3(and play anything else from 0?

27 Jan 2022 Brogue Leader

*Gamble from 2

1 Feb 2022 MindControlMouse

Okay I never expected this to be "Deck of the Week" lol. I was just experimenting with what I could do with Kit since her ability seemed interesting with Startup cards like Egret and Pelangi. This is far from a polished deck so if some stuff seems questionable (like Prepaid VoicePAD) feel free to improve upon it (will likely incorporate myself)! I'll probably rework it more myself once the Borealis set comes out.