Make it expensive

newtype.eggie 1

beginner. Goal is economy, keep running and make the corp pay

28 Nov 2021 leachrode

Heya, I don't know if you're looking for suggestions at all, but if you are I'd suggest cutting a whole bunch of ice breakers. You're definitely on the right track for crim here, taking a bunch of econ, some breakers, a decent console and a handful of tricks - you'll get way further than if you had 20 odd tricks and no laundries/career fairs which is where quite a lot of people end up, but you really don't need 5 different ways to break code gates. Some redundancy is sensible so you can draw them faster (you are a little light on draw cards, Blueberry Diesel might help, but you do have 3 mutual favour to look for them as and when you need them) but that's a lot overkill.

If you trimmed that down to say, 2 of each type of breaker (fracter, decoder and killer) then 1 femme and 1 mayfly you could add 3 good draw cards, 3 more econ cards and probably have something that flows a little better

18 Dec 2021 newtype.eggie

Hey leachrode!

Thanks for the comments. This is my first deck and I haven't had to opportunity to run it yet. Now I get to make some updates before then ^_^;;