Banks closed on account of Noise.

masunrays 36

I figured to try to change the 'Anatomy of Anarchy' playstyle a bit. I fully agree that Account Siphon is an Anarch card in disguise, and I absolutely love it. So I thought, well if they see that I have account siphons, they're just going to ICE HQ, so how can we move their ice from HQ to other servers to allow me to get Siphons off better?

Simple: Threaten other servers. Now, Keyhole is probably the best R&D tool to do this, as it not only creates a need for ICE on R&D, but it also creates a need for ICE on Archives. Now, most anatomy of anarchy decks were running Reina because more taxing means Corp has less money overall, and it worked great. But I decided to go with Noise, creating a much higher threat on Archives. A lot of people are going to be thinking 'Noise Mill' is going to become the main thing that you're doing as Noise and not just a side-effect of what he's trying to push you towards.

So lets get into card choices, why don't we?

Account Siphon : I chose this to be the main focus because of it creating a need to ice HQ, so if I start doing this, then they either ice the hell out of HQ or get siphoned, and if they do ice HQ, then I get easier access to R&D with Keyhole, and even better access to Archives.

Dirty Laundry: I absolutely love this card for a ton of reasons. First turn stuff is the best. Install Datasucker, Corp trashes off the top of R&D, play Dirty Laundry, Run archives, get a possible agenda, and net 3 credits and get a datasucker token!

Express Delivery: This is a vital part of this deck. Corp left HQ un-iced first turn and didn't get a siphon in your hand? Express Delivery it out (if it's within 4 cards) and get yourself a shit ton of money.

Grimoire: I decided to go with Grimoire as the console, just because it's 2 mem for 3 credits, which is really great efficiency as I'm most likely going to have Corroder/Mimic/Yog/Datasucker/Keyhole as a complete rig, With Knights serving their purpose if things get weird in terms of ICE. My favorite part of Parasites is that they are ultimately temporary, and free up memory space after creating windows of opportunity.

John Masanori: Not a fan of Wyldside because of the huge waste of click per turn if you don't need anything new, without Aesops it's kind of out of control. So John Masanori is great for drawing, worst case scenario I get a tag that I don't care about.

Liberated Account: "Why do you have 3 armitage and some liberated?" Because to put it simply, I can net more credits in 2 turns this way. If I'm being starved on credits (AKA: They iced the hell out of HQ and I don't have efficient breaking potential at the moment. If I have both Armitage and a Liberated account in my hand, I can easily get to 12 credits in 2 turns. (Note: 2 Armitages would get you 6 the first turn, play click click click, because lets be honest, is a corp going to let you have a stable economy when you have tags left and right? So if they trash, then you can just play a liberated and click 3 times for 12 credits, and they'll most likely try to trash that too, costing them 4 credits and 2 clicks to delete your econ that you've already made 12 credits off of.)

Data Leak Reversal: Just adds more need to ICE archives, or you get a lot of access to cards, also puts the game on more of a clock than before, as you'll only most likely get 6 - 8 cards into archives from Noise's ability. Most likely far less.

Just my thoughts on how to play this version of Noise. I haven't play-tested this deck, but I'll most likely make a shit ton of mistakes like I always do ^^ But this should be fun to play at least! Lot of misdirection and ice killing muwahah!

Any suggestions are welcome!

11 Sep 2014 burzum51

Because you are playing tag me i think josuha will be a good idea and Liberated account seems a lot of money to play.

11 Sep 2014 masunrays

@burzum51 I knew I was missing something in Joshua B. Thanks for the reminder! I might take out the Liberated Accounts to put him in, but I do like their burst money if I have 6 (which according to my plan of using 2 entire turns to get out armitage and Liberated to get a quick 12credit burst in 2 turns).

Tentative changes for now: -1 John Masanori. -1 Data Leak Reversal.

+2 Joshua B.