RP (3rd @ Malmö regionals)

simili 326

Published for ABR fame

Been playing around with RP for a couple of months and decided to take Jakuza’s version for a spin since it performed better than my previous ones.

Changes: swapped 1x Marilyn for 1x Bootcamp (can’t help it, really love that card), and swapped 1x Crick for 1x Excalibur because 3.3 and that’s just a rude piece of ice in RP.

Overall performance: very good, but an early hacktivist is still a pain in the a**.

29 Jul 2019 Jakuza

How to fite Hacktivist: You install an agenda as ice, then score it whilst they're not looking.

30 Jul 2019 simili

Dammit, you should have told me this before :(

1 Aug 2019 Jakuza

Alternatively, slam Yagi Uda on the table and say it's a current. 7.8 out of 10 opponents don't know what that text box says.

3 Aug 2019 simili

Well.. neither do I xD