Kate YogoSaurus Replicatus daggering in the morning star

PeterPan 275

Dinosaur the Yog ptouch the dagger (for archer etc) and maybe the morning star twice if needed. Support by the sucker. The aim is cheap breaking. Replicator for speeding up the silencer and ptouch. Comments and hints are welcome!

Updated my previous published deck: Due to lack of eco I changed the ID to Kate for cheaper install and added 3 ProfCons. Additional 1 Netshield and 1 R+D-Interface to fill up to 45. Changed the Akamatsu to Cybersolution, Changed 1 Scavenge and 1 Cloak for the 2nd and 3rd R+D Interface. Perhaps replacing the Sucker with a femme to get bypass-option. Still testing out.