Supermodernism v.Richmond

Sygerrik 7

My Weyland variant, inspired by Supermodernism v2, posted by Alsciende. Trying a more ICE heavy variant, while also having more access to money, since, in Netrunner, Mo' Money doesn't always mean Mo' Problems, at least for the corp.

Any feedback is appreciated, I'm not too familiar with Weyland or Supermodernism in general, but I think that this deck could be solid.

27 Aug 2014 GPWK

If you are new to Weyland and Supermodernism, I recommend reading these two articles:

They helped me learn how to get into the right mindset for piloting this style of deck.

Your list looks pretty solid overall. Though 19 pieces of ICE with only 3 destroyers seems to take it away from what Supermodernism usually entails. I sincerely hope it does well for you, I always like seeing more people playing Weyland.

27 Aug 2014 Sygerrik


Thanks! I read the Satelliteuplink one already, but will have to check out the Stimhack one. This deck isn't intended for me, personally, I have been working to try and find my friend a deck that he likes and consistently plays well. He has had several Weyland variations, all in the big ICE/glacier style. I made this Supermodernism variant to see if it was the type of deck he wasn't such a fan of. He seems to like it so far, we have yet to playtest it.

Regarding the Destroyers, what would you recommend I sub in/use? I have the two main Weyland ones, to my knowledge, and there is a presence of Katman DS/Para recursion in our meta, so I included that.


29 Aug 2014 GPWK

I'd drop 1x Swordsman and 1x Taurus for 1x Archer and 1x Grim. Swordsman is useless against say Mimic, but that's also a Meta call, so Your Mileage May Vary.

If you are trying to help someone learn the archetype, I'd suggest starting with the Supermodernism v2 deck. That deck has been extensively tested and vetted. I'd start by playing with that and seeing what is and isn't working for you, and taking it from there.