I resurrect ye, JUMON!

sebastiank 434

The goal of this deck is to score Regenesis and reveal a face-down Jumon in archives, adding it to the score area.

Why would one want to do this? Jumon is an agenda that changes how the game is played after you score it in a way that few others do. In a deck with ambushes it is insanity, but even in a "normal" deck it means you don't have to spend clicks and credits to advance your agendas anymore. At an advancement cost of 6, scoring this agenda is nigh impossible, but Regenesis cuts this advancement cost by half, and in combination with Vladisibirsk City Grid we can now "install", "advance," and "score" a Jumon in one turn.


  • Hansei Review puts Jumon in archives from our hand (over-drawing and discarding to hand size also does this). Then, let it sit there. Discard other cards like this too so it isn't completely obvious that Jumon is in there.
  • Bathynomus makes running archives unappetizing. You might need to install it on another server early-game out of necessity, and Thimblerig can help you put it back where it belongs.
  • Jinteki: Restoring Humanity will make you profit off committing to this weird play pattern.

Doing "the thing":

  • Advance Vladisibirsk City Grid twice on a prior turn, and then once you have Regenesis install Regenesis, advance it once, and move two tokens from Vlad onto Regensis, revealing the Jumon you have in archives.
  • Clot can interfere with this play, which I literally just realized we are unable to stop: Mavirus can purge a clot away, but it must be trashed and added to archives to do so, which will prevent Regenesis from firing its ability. Against clot, the best plan is probably just to install Regenesis in your remote and hope they don't run it, which being an unadvanced card might work.

The Payoff:

  • Now that we've scored Jumon, Vlad Grid becomes even better. It becomes a vehicle that we can use to move advancements to anything we like. Always put Jumon advancements on this first if it doesn't have any yet.
  • Bio Vault with Jumon becomes an "End the Run" effect that we can use at any time.
  • NGO Front with Jumon becomes 1 click for 8 credits whenever we want.
  • Gene Splicer with Jumon becomes much easier to convert to an agenda point, and the 1 agenda point is important to help the deck close out the game.

How to win:

The easiest way to win when you already have Jumon and a Regenesis in your score area is to score another Regenesis and this time add Obokata Protocol to your score area, taking you from 3 points to 7. Alternatively, you can score the Obokata the normal way, protecting it with Bio Vaults and Data Loop, and then end the game with a Gene Splicer "score." The ice could be more accommodating to scoring an Obokata, ie more Loops and Anemones, but I wanted to play code gates and Ivik at least for now.

This deck has a 100% win rate on Jnet, so therefore it is without fault. Improving it is impossible. May your Jumons be dead, may their resurrection be epic, and may the runner forget archives is a server they can run.

3 Aug 2022 lopert

This is the perfect deck for Kakurenbo

4 Aug 2022 Ozvaldo

I tried this deck but with 1 copy of Kakurenbo So Kakurenbo wont trigger the Regenesis in the same turn it was played (assuming there was a Vladisibirsk City Grid to fast adv the Regenesis), but it does work next turn especially if the remote is well protected.. and once Jumon is scored its like superman

4 Aug 2022 Jinsei

I really like this. I made a few changes to make it fit my playstyle, and am thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you :)

5 Aug 2022 lopert

@Ozvaldo For Kakurenbo, you just have to dump the Regenesis and another agenda on a previous turn, then you just trash 0 cards from HQ.

24 Aug 2022 kayat

I love it so much !