The Noise and the Fury

kelbesque 1

The Noise and the Fury

A "Tag Me" Style Anarch Deck

This is built off the "Tag Me" archetype discussed in Anatomy of Anarchy, by Steven Wooley. Steven uses Caissa to great effect, but I was interested to see how effective a Noise milling deck could be with Data Leak Reversal in the Tag Me archetype.

I've preserved the Account Siphon recursion that's so crucial. Grimoire helps make Crypsis a little more efficient, so it can be included alongside Overmind. Djinn allows me to pull a Crypsis or a Parasite out of the deck when I need it, and Datasucker makes Crypsis and Overmind a little cheaper.

Overall, this deck is much less complex than my previously-constructed Noise deck, so I'm hoping it will end up being stronger for the fact that it has fewer moving parts.


To My Future Self

Despite what you might think, Plascrete Carapace is indispensable. You never know when your opponent will pull out a Scorched Earth or two, and all the milling in the world can't save you if that happens.