Tower of Death combo 100% success rate (100% clickbait)

Sokka 1322

Surprised Pikachu

Hey it's Sokka coming at you with another absurd jinteki combo deck and this one has a 100% success rate!

That's right! Video proof can be found starting at 1:08:55 at!

The combo is to install in a single server: Surat City Grid, Prisec, and then any number of copies of Anemone and Hakarl (minimum 1 Anemone). Then during a rez window during a run on that server you can, all within that same window, rez all of the stuff at once and deal 2 net damage per copy of Anemone or Hakarl on that server (use Hakarl to derez Anemone and then re-rez Anemone).

Replanting can be used to mitigate the high install costs. It also lets you use a combo ice earlier in the game and then reposition it later.

You can use AgInfusion to bounce the runner to the server BUT unfortunately there is no rez window until after the first jack out opportunity so the runner must choose to continue the run before this combo can fire after an AgInfusion bounce.

But this seems bad you say? Having a stack of ice you don't want to rez until you've assembled exodia and then once you do get it all down what's stopping the runner from completely avoiding that server? Doesn’t this just lose to I’ve Had Worse? Also they could just draw up before running? Well you're 100% right!

Please appreciate the combo and appreciate this masterpiece of Netrunner mechanics and probably do only that because it's likely not worth the time to actually go try and pull this off :D

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2 Apr 2022 ctz

I'm ready

2 Apr 2022 mr_pelle

Loving the Replanting, it's a tech card I've been digging for a long time in glacier decks like this!

2 Apr 2022 Sokka

you know with all these "when you rez during a run on this server" ice like Anemone, Hakarl, and Ping, one tech card that I both want to see and don't want to see is Forged Activation Orders

2 Apr 2022 cros

Very nice I made a similar decklist last month ( but I love the idea of Replanting as tech card to build the tower of death.

I would like to point out that the combo is much stronger than you showed in the live and in the writeup because once you Aginfusion the runner to the trap server they will pass the first unrezzed ice but then there is a paid ability window before they can jack out

2 Apr 2022 Sokka

@crosthere is a paid ability window at 4b but there is no rez window until 4e after the chance to jack out at 4c. Surat triggers off things getting rezzed so unless there’s a card with a paid ability that lets you rez card (which there might be?), the combo only works at 4e

2 Apr 2022 Sokka

@crosthat’s awesome that it looks like we came up with fairly similar lists trying to do this tho!

2 Apr 2022 cros

@Sokkaoh you are right By the way this kind of kill is so unexpected and fun :D