Ironman -- 2nd Place GLC Store Champs

SirLoathing 1053

Why build remotes before thirty minutes?

If the runner isn't running, the Corp must be winning. Anarchs, Crims, and Shapers these days seem to forget about the 'running' part of Net runner and build stacks that just don't have the endurance for 3x Anansi, 2x Chiyashi, and 3x DNA Tracker. Did I mention, our ice is big and we plan to place multiple big ice on the same server.

With the loss of Kakugo I set out to build a grindy Potatoes like deck and this brew started winning games. I would not recommend it for a timed tournament (GLC store champs was async); often, games go past the 70 minute mark if the runner doesn't concede. The game plan is to stop them from running and then eventually build a remote. We use the Tennin ability mostly to set up massive strings of Mass Comms but also to advance Ice Wall past reason or even advance 'safe' agendas if it ever goes that late. Often times, aggressive runners, will eat too much damage and die to Neural EMP recycled off of Preemptive Action before a remote is needed.

Because I don't play Thimblerig, ice placement is incredibly important. The three central servers are a triathlon that you must use to tire out the runner. It's okay for them to get a few accesses over the course of the game so long as those accesses are incredibly expensive and inefficient. All ice choices are made to further this plan. We do not play any ice that gets hit by Hunting Grounds or any ice (like Border Control or Thimblerig) that exists for utility, pressure or big turns. As such, focus on the basics of netrunner ice placement. Is it better in this matchup to stack my Sentries on one server or do I need one of each type spread around?

Some card notes:

Akhet is the best it's ever been by punishing the runner for running. Against Anarch use it to "finish" a server and block Hippo. In general you have to rez your ice into Hippo and just accept the loss so either try and minimize that loss (such as with Aiki) or block with Akhet. It's nice to be able to advance with Tennin but don't wait on Akhet; you can spend a turn triple advancing it because it will pay you back tenfold.

Ice Wall is a win condition (if you don't believe me you've never stared down a 15 strength Ice Wall). Don't worry about advancing it early but once you've built up enough counters to feed Mass Comm start building a massive ice wall. Never place two on the same server.

Embolus is core in locking down the most important server of the game. Try to be aware of which server is the runner's win condition (for example if they are on Khusyuk it's R+D or against a The Turning Wheel it is often HQ). Once the runner has decided to stop running centrals -- you are looking for a window to Embolus the remote. Remember that you can "replace" an active Embolus with a new one on a different server.

Marcus Batty is certainly cuttable and a cute gatcha with the one of Nueral Katana that worked in this tourney. Don't be afraid to use him as a one shot Caprice to stall.

Voter Intimidation is almost solely for The Turning Wheel and could be other TTW hate such as Enforcing Loyalty (which can also hit Engolo out of Crim) or Georgia Emylov if you're feeling spicy. It pairs with Sadaka to ensure the runner can't keep TTW into the late game and is the worse of the two cards; however, I wouldn't run a second Sadaka nor would I go bellow two TTW hate pieces in the current meta.

Ark Lockdown feels necessary because of how it interacts with various long game runner plans such as Labor Rights loops and Simulchip loops while being splash hate that slows down Anarchs considerably.

Attitude Adjustment helps you mitigate the flow of your agendas. Don't just fire it off because you have two agendas in hand -- if the runner isn't pressuring HQ playing Attitude Adjustment will signal that they should be running RD.

Consulting Visit is not in the list despite having the required 6 Weyland cards. Originally it was and as I tested the deck I wound up cutting them. Frankly, I wound up searching up Mass Comm 9 times out of 10 so just went ahead and axed the card for the IPO and one of NGO and have been happy with that change.

Surveyor has stuck around post Consulting Visit but could certainly be cut for other ice choices. The number of Ice in the deck does feel correct -- if you move this card's influence out of ice make sure to find a way to fit another ice in.

Aiki is a cheap gear check ice that often times goes on archives or whichever server you can't afford a big rez on before your economy kicks in. Runners tend not to pay to break the Psi Game subroutine on it. Midgame, it is often correct to pay 1 into Aiki to force a runner with a full grip to draw 2 if they establish this habit.

Crisium Grid continues to find surprising ways to keep its slot. Keep in mind that the Grid still allows Tennin to trigger on your turn despite a successful run and blocks the removal of an Embolus counter. Often times the Grid goes down to block mid game run events.

Preemptive Action should not be squandered on economy when that can be helped. We are planning on very long games and need our win conditions. When you use it, ask yourself "how am I winning this game" and only take cards that accomplish this. We are not simply looking to pad our deck with more Hedge Funds and Mass Comms. We need to draw our EMPs and Embolus'. If the runner is trashing ice, we often need to get it back.

Subluminal Messaging is the Salvaged Memories card I'd add to this deck. The GLC tourney pre-Salvaged Memory banlist despite ending today. I have been playing this deck in casual lobbies since SM came out and it's been doing quite well.

In the tourney Tennin was the stronger of the two decks I brought (my runner was Az) and a beast I rather enjoy piloting. Put on the Spotify, shuffle up the glacier, kick back and relax while the runner is forced to race a three server triathlon all the while winning The Future Perfect Psi Games and having enough cards in hand to not lose to random EMPs after an Obo steal off a single access.

12 Jan 2021 scd

This is beautiful.