Anatomy of Criminal v0.2: Espionage

poorhaus 412

Background: I've been playing an Anatomy of Anarch / Reina Siphon deck and doing well at it (7th at the Durham regionals, 2nd at recent store tournament) but I'm tired of being poor. Criminal has all the tools to build a great anarchy denial deck and then some. Silhouette has a much greater chance of getting a Siphon in hand early, which has been a problem for my various Reina decks. And if SIl doesn't get the Siphon she can just play a money event and get that HQ lock in prep for it.. Reina has to waste a turn on Armitage.

Silhouette needs to make successful runs when she wants to. Those runs need to do bad things to the corp and make it easier to make more successful runs. Bursty econ, Overmind, and criminal events are the clear choice for these goals. Prepaid VoicePAD is a slight tempo hit- takes two events before it's paid for itself plus the click to install. But getting it out early gives this deck staying power. Half of the cards in the deck can use that credit. Against a taxing deck you'll Levy or SOT a Levy and get your supercharged econ right back in the deck.

Ideal starting hand has Sure Gamble, Overmind, and Account Siphon. Just Overmind and Siphon is enough to get past everything except an Eli, Lotus Field, or Rainbow. Even if they can keep you out you've gotten them to spend the cash so next time you're in HQ you can shut it down.

Run HQ - Shutdown - Repeat is your go-to denial. FAO acts like an instant parasite as soon as their creds are low. You know what to parasite because you're running HQ all the time. HQ lock also lets you know when to run a remote. Siphon is strong as always.

I tried Blackguard + Snitch but found that FAO was just so much stronger. Adding in a Levy lets you do up to 6 FAO/Shutdowns (not including SOTs). You can do them early game, where they help you most, as opposed to Blackguard's late game activation, when the corp may have rezzed everything anyways.

I'm excited to try this in a tournament setting. The cognitive load is low because HQ lock is your one early goal. From there, you know the board state and can manipulate it with events as needed. When you have to run unknown ice Overmind + e3 Feedback Implants can handle literally everything except Swordsman with enough cash. The Femme Fatale takes care of the rest (and any pesky tollbooths you haven't shutdown yet).

The one-of Sneakdoor Beta is to allows archives pressure to spread the ICE.