Weyland Supermodernism

iMetal 12

4 Jul 2014 iMetal

Suggestions how to improve the deck are very welcome!

4 Jul 2014 iMetal

-3 chimera + 3 quandary

4 Jul 2014 prozz

project atlas is the best weyland agenda, id include it here.

4 Jul 2014 YsengrinSC

Chimera is really important and does more than Quandry here. Guard might be worth thinking about, but I'm not sure.

Generally supermodernism looks to score out lots of agendas quickly. So not running Project Atlas seems strange. I would say reducing your government contracts and putting in Atlas, or at least swapping your NAPD contracts because after 1 or 2 hostile takeovers scoring an NAPD Contract becomes too much effort. I ran 12 agenda's in a supermodernism deck (using 1 pointers) and was very successful because I could safely put them down and get and leave them alone to score the following turn. In that vein Aggressive Secretary won't have as much impact as Jackson/Anonymous Tip/Green Level which help you rush out agendas.