Turbo Khusyuk - Stimmpad Az (German Nats2022 Startup Winner)

Bl4nk3t 619

this list was built for the Startup Format Side Event at German Nationals 2022 and ultimately won the title!

For the accompanying 'vegetarian Jinteki' Corp List look here

This deck played both the semi - final, and the final part of the single sided top 3 and won them both.

The name of this list is derived from the timeless translation of "Prepaid VoicePAD" to Prepaid Stimmpad

(vaguely gesturing at a Stimhack reference here) and the stunning speed it is able to assemble a Rig for maximum Khusyuk benefit. Paired with the criminal early pressure provided by Boomerang and Inside Job, it becomes difficult to defend against. Unless you play asset spam I guess...

So - you're the kid of some prodigy.

Maybe a bit of a prodigy yourself.

But not in that way.

You did notice some shared preferences though - including the urge to build needlessly complicated tech-stuff and toying around with telecommunication infrastructure. But other than that? Unlike the old guard, you know some crafty guys and love your cat instead of some lifeless paintings . Pretty much the whole shebang feels totally different....

What do you do?

  • carry on, solving the huge list of loose ends left unresolved?
  • rebel, and try to tear stuff down, to make room for yourself?
  • decide to live a quiet life in the shadow of your fore-bearers?
  • maybe you do a star wars and let the past die? let the past die

Make loads of cash from pretty much nothing, that's what!

Carpe the fuck out of that Diem, man!

Tournament Report for the Startup Side Event for German Nationals 2022

  • Round1: won against @114141 's Ob Superheavy Logistics - I was at a heavy disadvantage in this one at the end and only won through time being called on the account of some early steals and a Khusyuk to 6 points. Played out to the end Ob was heavily favoured because of the following situation:

Me: gets tagged

also Me: doesn't care when The Class Act got trashed.

Ob: Retribution trashes the only Corroder

Me: pikachuface

also Me: (frantically digs for Boomerangs)

This game made me realize this list needs more expendable programs (than just a single Cezve) to actually be able to steal an SDS Drone Deployment on Weyland matchups

  • R2: won against @Tradon's Pravdivost Consulting - in the end 2 Khusyuks were enough to get 2 agendas out of R&D, and the surprising economy of the deck allowed for a Bellona Steal at the end.

  • R3: lost against @Pommes' Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center - which ended up being the only defeat of Az on the day. The asset spam was real and this list definitely could not keep up and eventually needed to concede the cred war. I feel like I did give him a run for his money though. We both agreed both our games were thrilling and ultimately very enjoyable.

  • R4: won against @DL7RRK's Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design - in which I got very lucky because I avoided an early loss by getting into an early remote with an Inside Job, seeing a 4-Advanced Clearinghouse, but being on the verge of bankruptcy when I that unexpectantly needed to be trashed as well. Not needing money to steal Bellona really spoils you filthy as a runner.

  • Runners Up Finals: won against @velotramplers Jinteki: Personal Evolution. The 'Top Cut' was open decklist - which has been greatly to my benefit. I saw 2 Clearinghouse and 2 Urtica Cypher as the only advance-able assets, which greatly emboldened me to run advanced remotes, when I knew I could tank the Urtica Damage - which was usually only on turns where I installed a The Class Act, or played a Diesel to get the cards in Grip up to strength.

  • Grande Finals: champion of swiss @Virulentz had most faith in his Weyland Consortium: Built to Last. Even though only his Hoshiko was undefeated in swiss... I guess that means that only he can claim for his runner deck to be undefeated onthe day ;) .

Huge shout out and Thank You! again to @114141 for the deck building input on the cliché deck change (and putting up with that) the night before the event!

I guess that warrants an explanation. I had dabbled with Az, then Prepaid Az, then Prepaid Khusyuk Az for a while - but in the standard format. I was a bit sad, when it became clear that the power level of that play style would probably not be enough to be competitive in Standard. When I (narrowly) did not make the cut for the Standard event with @Bing005's excellent Wonderwoman. Then I realized most of the cards used on previous attempts were actually Startup material. So I decided to give it one more shot in that format. Crucial suggestions where:

A version of the deck discussed had Wildcat Strike in it which I consider a good include, but on account of me not bringing the actual card (in addition to time constraints that arose when it became clear that I had only brought a single Masterwork, and would definitely need to proxy the other 2) I left the last influence unused. Maybe I should follow the advice given and ignored about only playing 2 Mutual Favors ;). Another cut suggestion: the Lucky Charm has been a nice "Cantrip" (i.e. costing nothing with the Az rebate in addition to drawing a card back with Masterwork (v37) ) but it never felt essential in a field I did not face Anoetic Void in, and Ob getting Border Control from trashing Envelopment is a non-issue. I'm also on the fence about VRCation - in theory it can benefit greatly from being free with prepaid. drawing 4 after loosing a lot of cards to Jintekis Net Damage for just one click. But that requires it not getting trashed by the net damage itself. Also in terms of overdrawing you only really want to discard 4 cards in this deck - the extra copies of Docklands Pass and Q-Loop, and 2 extra copies of Masterwork. During the day I was never sad to see it, but it was never a play-almost-instantly as opposed to Diesel

19 Sep 2022 awildturtok

Congrats on the win!

Decklist looks super fast

19 Sep 2022 Bl4nk3t

@awildturtok thanks! a significant contribution to the speed not to be underestimated is the synergy of using Q-Loop during the corp turn (when you know that the top of the Stack is safe to install from a preceding Boomerang free run) - for the Az rebate, and the Masterwork draw

19 Sep 2022 114141

Calls it turbo, ... also goes to time the first to rounds xD

Loved the tournament and playing with you <3

I have no recolection what kind of changes I suggested. It must have been the right ones if you ended up on 47 cards and 14 inf :P

19 Sep 2022 Bl4nk3t

@114141 I blame the going to time entirely on the Restoring Humanity deck here :D. And yeah it was a great match and a really well organized Tournament even running (successfully) in parallel to the top cut of the Standard format.

19 Sep 2022 Bl4nk3t

@114141 I added a section on my perspective of the deck creation process

19 Sep 2022 yehonathan_

Congrats :) Final game was fun and intense to watch!

19 Sep 2022 Bl4nk3t

@yehonathan_ thanks - I'm glad the match was as thrilling to watch as it was to play :)

I still remember that one time when I already had 2 'rangs in grip it was pointed out that I forgot to shuffle the Boomerang back after a run (it was left on top of the stack), and I shuffled it, let @Virulentz cut - and what did I draw? That same Boomerang for great comedic effect with the spectators.

Also the reversal of

  • @Virulentz getting the Hostile for Agenda Point No. 5 with the only Atlas counter mid-Khusyuk during the third and final one and it whiffing, with me being virtually broke (2c) after
  • and Weyland:BtL just waiting for one of the 3 Trick of Lights to score out for the game after powering through the Hostile and Icing up HQ more, also adding a Cayambe Grid
  • just for me risking the 4 Ice deep (with only a Boomarang'd Pharos rezzed) HQ run

certainly was something.

20 Sep 2022 114141

The write just keeps getting better. !remindme 5 days

21 Sep 2022 bing005

Excellent result with a very clever and quirky deck, Well done!!!

PS I'd love to hear how the wonderwoman deck played out - Its a pet project of mine and always keen to find out the experiences of other pilots

21 Sep 2022 Bl4nk3t

@bing005 thanks :) I posted a short report as a comment at your deck description