Shutdown Steve (StartUp)

ClosDeLaRoche 461

After Sneaky Tao and Dead-Draw Hoshiko, Shutdown Steve will complete my runner decks for the StartUp format. Shutdown Steve is a good-stuff crim deck that aims to play fast and out-tempo the corp. Events like Bravado, Jailbreak and Diesel give you turn-one credits, multi-access and draw while full play-sets of Inside Job and Boomerang will stop that early PD score.

Steve can also sit back and chill for a turn or two if need be with drip econ cards like Daily Casts, Rezeki and Maemi. Just be wary of installing multiple drip cards in one turn; you don't want to create a scoring window for the corp. Balance your burst econ with drip to get rich and stay rich.

Now what makes the deck really sing are four cards aimed at maximizing the utility of Steve's ability: Swift, Docklands Pass, Emergency Shutdown and Mystic Maemi. Let's use the most ideal scenario to illustrate the power of this combo:

Imagine playing Bravado on HQ for zero credits and zero clicks with Maemi and Swift, accessing two cards with Docklands, stealing an agenda which gets a credit on Maemi, getting a Bravado back for next turn with Steve's ability, then finally hitting the corp with Emergency Shutdown to derez that pesky Tollbooth. After all of that you have three clicks left in your turn!

Recurring Emergency Shutdown can be so oppressive that I find the corp giving me even Bravado's back to remove Shutdown from the game, a disaster for the corp with Maemi and Swift making Bravado more monstrous than it already is.

As always please enjoy the deck and cheers, -Clos

23 Nov 2021 tzeentchling

Only thing I could see making the deck better might be a 1-of Sneakdoor Beta, as a way to put pressure on more servers or get into HQ and trigger both Steve and Shutdown later once they've over-committed to icing HQ. Not a long term card cause you have other things to do with your MU, but definitely a fun surprise.

24 Nov 2021 ClosDeLaRoche

Good idea! I also would swap Corroder for Cleaver.